Childcare Nightmares: This Daycare Worker Was Chugging Beers While A Baby Died In Her Care & This Babysitter Severely Abused A Toddler, Then Tied A Garbage Bag Over His Head

As a Mom, it’s hard to be able to find someone you trust to leave your child with. Whether it be a nanny, daycare, or babysitter, you’re relying on that person to protect and care for your child while you aren’t at home.

The woman in these stories were supposed to be taking care of the children in their care, but they didn’t. Instead, they did terrible things to these poor children.

One daycare worker was chugging beers while a baby died in her care, one babysitter tied a garbage bag over a poor child’s head instead of watching him,

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of these stories are absolutely tragic and upsetting

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