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What’s A Girl To Get Her Dad Or Grad? Don’t Worry, Chip Chick Is Here To Help You Earn Your Spot As Gift Giver Of The Year!

So many affordable and incredible options!


I have two cousins graduating this month and I always get Father’s Day gifts for my uncles and my Grandpa because they’re like Dads to me! I’m constantly struggling to pick something new and exciting every year for my favorite Dads in my life, and now that all my baby boy cousins are, well, graduating adults, that’s a whole new gift territory I’m wading into now.

Gift giving gives me anxiety like you wouldn’t believe, because I want the gift I give to be not only thoughtful, but practical and enjoyable as well. Finding THE perfect gift for your Dad or Grad can be a huge process, but it doesn’t have to be! Chip Chick is here to help you earn your spot as gift giver of the year!

Tickets to the 119th U.S. Open Championship

My family is full of golfers of all ages, and if yours is too this is the perfect pick for you: tickets to the 119th U.S. Open Championship! It would be a dream for any of my family members to get to attend the U.S. Open, because they’re avid golfers and they love nothing more than getting to see the pros in action. It sure beats watching on TV! The exciting U.S. Open Championship is held by the United States Gold Association (USGA).

Since we all live in New York and the 2019 U.S. Open Championship will be held at the prestigious Pebble Beach Golf Links® in in Pebble Beach, California, it’s the perfect excuse for a family vacation. Hello, fun and sun!

Tickets go on sale on June 11th, which is in just a few days. Visit usga.org/2019usopen to get your tickets as soon as they do go on sale, because they sell out quite fast. Don’t worry, they’re so much more affordable than you think this trip of a lifetime would be. They offer a variety of different packages for you to select from, and ticket prices start at just $60 each!

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

The older I get, the more interested and involved in my family history I want to be. I know where a lot of my family members come from, but I also have a lot of mystery in my family as well. One of my grandfathers was adopted, and we always wondered exactly what his heritage was, because he was never told. I’ve been thinking about completing a DNA test kit for a long time, and I finally found the perfect fit: MyHeritage DNA test kit. I can’t wait to find out what country or countries my grandfather’s side of the family comes from, as it sure is a surprise!

I think the MyHeritage DNA test kit is a very unique gift for anyone in your family that has an interest in family history or genealogy. Not only are they the leading destination for you to find out all your family details, they are the most affordably priced DNA test kit on the market!

Their kit is not only gorgeous (I mean, it doesn’t even need to be wrapped it’s so beautifully boxed), it also comes with a very straightforward and user friendly instruction manual. Beauty and functionality! Inside the MyHeritage DNA test kit you will find a little cheek swab, a vial to put your swab in, a clear plastic bag to hold your swab and vial, and a self-addressed envelope so you can go drop this in the mail for the lab to review! You also will find a serial number enclosed, so that you can activate your DNA kit on their website and receive your results.

Your MyHeritage DNA test kit will include two intriguing things for you. First is an Ethnicity Estimate with information on what ethnicity you have originated from based on their 42 different ethnicities. That’s quite diverse! Second are DNA Matches, which point out people that are related to you that share your DNA! Get excited, you’re about to discover some new family members!

You can get your own MyHeritage DNA test kit by clicking this link here.

They’re running a sale until June 17th where their DNA test kit is just $59!

Be sure to use the code BABBLEBOXX1 for free shipping!

Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs & Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt

My next picks from Hanes are practical essentials that every man needs, whether he’s a Dad or Grad! Hanes never fails to impress me. Both the Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs and Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt are made of super soft material. Comfortable, flattering, and something no man can live without, I would highly recommend both of these as gifts!

Their Comfort Flex Fit boxers definitely live up to their name, with no tag so there’s no irritation and a no-ride up feature so they stay in place all day long. Their Crewnecks are also a great pick because they keep your favorite guy cool (literally) and stylish, with their Lay Flat Collar that won’t lose shape and super neat wicking fabric.

You can get their Boxer Brief here and you can get their Crewneck Undershirt here.

Visit the links about to get 50% off at Hanes.com!

Canary Tie From Ties.com

As the saying goes, you can never be overdressed! Ties are perfect for any occasion your Dad or Grad needs to attend, and the best part about the selection from Ties.com is that they have a variety of beautiful and exciting styles at a price you just can’t beat!

Pictured about is their Canary Tie, and it’s just $25, although the quality makes you think this surely had to cost four times the price! Sporting an anything but boring polka dot print, this tie is made of luxurious 100% silk and features a standard 3.25 inch width. This tie goes with anything and it’s a gift any man would love.

Check out the entire selection of incredible ties that Ties.com offers here and be sure to use code TIESXBABBLE15 for 15% off your entire order!

Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit From Grady’s Cold Brew

Coffee is one thing I can’t live without, and one thing none of the men in my family can go without either! We’re coffee connoisseurs and we do get a little judgmental when it comes down to what coffee goes into our cups.

I’ve never tried cold brew before coming across the Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit from Grady’s Cold Brew, and it’s high time I switched over. I brew coffee in a pot and pour ice into it because I prefer, well, iced coffee, so Grady’s Cold Brew is just my new morning best friend.

First off, the packaging is perfect, easy to store, easy to use, and vibrantly designed. Also, let’s just talk about how the name Bean Bag is just so clever! I appreciate that. Fine design aside, let’s get down to the taste.

You will NOT be disappointed, especially if you like to live the high life as far as your coffee tastes are concerned. Grady’s Cold Brew has a lot of depth and flavor. You can taste the chicory and spice elements. Once you drink this you won’t be able to go back to what you had before it, and neither will your favorite Dad or Grad!

Don’t worry, Grady’s Cold Brew is super affordable, so you’re not going to get them addicted to anything that’s about to break the bank. Trust me, they will be addicted! The nice thing is you can just tuck this kit in a suitcase and bring it with you wherever you go. Or bring it to the office. You won’t be able to live without it.

Their Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit is perfect, because it packs 36 cups into such a compact pouch. It comes out to less than a dollar per cup of coffee, so it’s ridiculously affordable. It also stays fresh for TWO WHOLE WEEKS in this bag. How cool is that?!

Just add water and the bean bags inside work their magic and get a nice overnight soak. When you wake up, take your Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit out of the fridge, remove the bean bags, and toss them out with the trash or choose to compost them. I love this environmentally friendly element! You can also rinse the pouch and re-use it.

You can get their amazing Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit for yourself, your Dad, and your Grad here. Yeah, you’re going to need at least three, trust me.

Be sure to use code BABBLEBOXX20 for 20% off Sitewide, valid now through June 30th, 2018! Stock up!

Black Clover Hat

Ah, your Dad or Grad can never have enough hats, especially if they’re as comfortable, stylish, and high quality as the ones Black Clover makes! I mean, just check out the photo I took above. Enough said. Visually appealing and as premium as hats get, your favorite Dad or Grad will not be disappointed to receive one from you as a present!

Their “Live Lucky” motto comes embroidered on the side of every hat, and that’s one motto anyone can get behind!

You can check out their entire line here for yourself!

Be sure to use the code lucky15 for 15% off now through June 30th, 2018!

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com