Tech Talk With Bre: These Are All The Free Apps Our Chief Chick Can’t Live Without

Apps are a beautiful thing. They help you manage your daily life and productivity, add significant entertainment value, and generally streamline your life in a way we just couldn’t dream of back in the 90s.

Here are all the free apps I just can’t live without and why!

Google Drive

I’m completely and utterly team Google Drive. I admit, I’m a fan of pretty much everything Google has ever created, from DFP, to Gmail, to their namesake search engine, but Google Drive forever holds a special place in my heart.

I love being able to access all my spreadsheets and key files straight from my phone; no computer needed. I basically live off spreadsheets and put everything down in them, from things I want to accomplish on a daily basis, to tracking revenue, to all my ideas for designs or content, to the guest list for my wedding.

As long as you have wifi, you can access Google Drive and that type of freedom and connectivity is worth everything, especially if you’re a fellow female entrepreneur or girl on the go.

Google Drive can also help you store, manage, and share files between all your devices or with all your friends, family, and business partners as well. This app also makes it beyond easy to edit files too!


ClosetSpace is an app where you can save photos of your outfits in one place.

They also have inspiration and lookbooks for you to peruse, but I use it to keep track of my favorite outfits so that I’m not struggling to find something to wear for events or anything that doesn’t require a casual look!


Notes is amazing, and I use it to jot down all of my ideas no matter where I am!

It’s quick, easy, and I can always move all my ideas to a spreadsheet later but sometimes that’s just not practical in the moment.


If I don’t know where the heck I’m driving to, things get ugly quickly.

I can’t navigate to save my life, so Waze is the best way to get around for sure. It talks to you about the direction you need to go in before you have to turn left or right so you’re not driving along and then have to suddenly cut off four lanes of traffic to make your exit. You always know in advance!

I also love that this app relies on the community of users to keep track of where cops are along your route, as well as cars that are pulled over or hazards on the road.

Often, I use it even when I do know where I’m going just so I can keep track of all of those obstacles!

PS Express

I take a lot of photos for the site or my accessories company so I like to be able to snap a photo and quickly edit it before posting it to social media.

I don’t always have a computer with me (surprise, surprise) so I appreciate being able to still have creative control on the go!


The older I get, the more health conscious I become, and MyFitnessPal makes it easy for me to stay on top of what I’m eating so I can make healthier choices.

It keeps me accountable!


There’s no better way to listen to your favorite songs or make playlists to work out with at the gym.

Spotify keeps it all organized!