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Re-Engineering Humanity Is One Heck Of A Read, Along With An Eye-Opening Look At The Digital World That Consumes Us & What We Can Do To Prevent It From Destroying Our Humanity

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to read an advanced copy of Re-Engineering Humanity by Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinger and it’s a must read. It’s quite an eye-opening look at the digital world that consumes us and what we can do to prevent it from destroying our humanity.

Why is this book a must read? If you care about the greater implications technology has on our society and maintaining your humanity in an increasingly digital world, this is for you. Brett and Evan bring a refreshing perspective to how technology impacts us and the world we live in, because it isn’t always for the better.

That’s something I care about greatly discussing here at Chip Chick, and it’s something Brett and Evan tackle well. Their book is a provoking analysis that strives to understand the greater ways technology can hinder our society, and it’s something we rarely stop to think about in an age where technology can often mean greater convenience and improved quality of life.

Pairing popular tech topics with case studies, the authors cover fake news, self-driving cars, fitness trackers, social media, and even electronic contracts. You’re never going to look at your life in the same way, but in a good way.

We love excess, we love accessibility and accommodation, we love everything that leads to what we think will make our lives easier, but we also have to stop and think about too much of anything being detrimental and not beneficial. Technology shouldn’t be an exception to that, but it often is.

It’s quite courageous of Brett and Evan to write a book on all of this, and you’ll find there really are no better people equipped for this task as you tear through all four hundred plus pages the book has to offer. Yes, of course the ending pages cover their sources, and it’s intriguing to flip through to see what credibly supports their voices.

Both Brett and Evan have intriguing backgrounds:

Brett serves as the Charles Widger Endowed University Professor in Law, Business and Economics, at Villanova University. He teaches courses on a wide variety of fascinating topics, including internet law, intellectual property, technology, and privacy policies.

Evan is a Philosophy Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. His work includes poignant topics such as the ethical issues surrounding science, law, tech, and expertise.

You can pick up a copy of Re-Engineering Humanity here. You won’t be sorry you picked it up, but you will be left reconsidering everything you thought you knew: in a good way. It’s rare to come across something that so profoundly assists you in taking a good hard look at the world around you, and it’s definitely an exercise you should put yourself through when you can.

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