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How Facial Recognition Helped Catch The Capital Gazette Shooter

Facial recognition being used by the police is certainly a hot button topic right now.

Regardless of where you stand on it, facial recognition was just utilized by police to catch the Capital Gazette Shooter.

Jarrod Ramos is the identity of the shooter, and police finally caught up to him using this cutting edge technology.

Timothy Altomare, the Anne Arundel County Police Chief, said in a press conference that they sent a photo of Ramos into the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center.

The photo was then compared to images found in the Maryland Image Repository System, which contains more than ten million photos of known offenders, as well as photos of everyone who has registered in the state for a driver’s license.

It also can read through the 25 million photos from the FBI’s database of mug shots, which is impressive.

Ramos had been previous convicted and charged for harassment, so his photo was within one of those image databased they accessed.

Without this kind of technology, police admit it would have taken them a significant amount of time to track down the shooter.

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