Are You An Expat? Here’s How You Can Save 20% On Your Calls Home On International Homesickness Day!

Everyone moving abroad knows what homesickness feels like. There is no secret recipe for dealing with this feeling, but what KeepCalling, an international telecom company addressing expat communities, offers is a new perspective: feeling homesick means you love what you left back home and that feeling is simply amazing.

That’s why KeepCalling proclaimed International Homesickness Day on September 27 , to celebrate this natural feeling of missing home. This is the third year in a row when expats worldwide are invited to celebrate the many reasons to be happy and thankful on this day.

It’s raining deals on International Homesickness Day

The expat community on Facebook powered by KeepCalling.com also hosts a contest with 3 prizes of $10 Voice Credit each: https://www.facebook.com/iamhomesick/.  Participants just have to share in a comment what they love the most about their home country. Entries are accepted until September 26 and the winners will be selected on September 27.

As a gift from KeepCalling for International Homesickness Day, new customers get the opportunity to talk more with their loved ones back home. The new customers on KeepCalling.com have 20% DISCOUNT for any Voice Credit or Monthly Plan order. Expats from all around the world can benefit from this welcome offer until September 27, 23:59 (EST). Quite a lot of savings…

Awesome rates = longer stories

When calling mom or dad, you know that they will eventually start talking about the neighbor down the street that stopped them one day to share some gossip. And you’ll be the next to be amazed by that cheesy (most of the times) story. Only imagine how much an international call on this topic, the neighbor’s story, would cost! So, the lower rates KeepCalling.com offers come in really handy.

The Voice Credit can be used to make calls anywhere in the world at the best rates from:

* any phone through the use of access numbers

* a smartphone using KeepCalling’s free app, available from Google Play, the App Store, Amazon and Huawei marketplace.

Smart app, cheap international calls

There’s an app for anything, right? So, of course there’s an app for your international calls to your parents’ or friends’ landlines or mobiles in your home country. KeepCalling app is free to download and gives you access to:

  • Lowest rates for international calls
  • No hidden fees
  • Balance never expires
  • 100% call quality
  • High quality international phone calls
  • Access from any Android or iOS device
  • 24/7 Customer Service

So let’s join KeepCalling’s invite and enjoy International Homesickness Day celebration!