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Fresh Patch Review: City Dogs Rejoice Because This Innovative Website Has One Pawsome Subscription Service

City dogs rejoice! This innovative website has one pawsome subscription service, and it’s called Fresh Patch. You might have seen them on Shark Tank, or you might have caught them in your Instagram feed. Fresh Patch delivers fresh, hydroponically grown grass straight to your door for your dog to enjoy!

I will also add this in before we get to what the girls think: my Fresh Patch arrived while I was out of town getting married, so it literally sat in the package room of my apartment building for probably a good week or TWO at least.

Ok, bare minimum one point five weeks. When I opened the box up, it was really sad and very dead and tragically brown. I was sure I could not revive it and this really made me upset because I was really looking forward to getting to review this.

Well, I took it out anyway, watered it, stuck it in front of my floor to ceiling windows, and butter my dog and call her a biscuit it bounced RIGHT back to life as vibrantly green as could be. So I have to say I was beyond impressed and have to point this out because Fresh Patch really knows how to grow the good stuff.

Since that incident, it’s been sitting in my apartment for another week AT LEAST and it’s still looking better than any lawn I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what the heck kind of grass seed this is but it’s hardy and magically.

Traditionally, dogs are supposed to enjoy going to the bathroom on the Fresh Patch, but Pippa and Lola had other plans for how to use it. They will go outside on grass when they weekend in the country, but I think they’re just so excited to see grass during the week that they were all over the Fresh Patch. Listen, you’re hard pressed to find grass in Manhattan, especially a patch that’s clean and sanitary for your four legged friends to enjoy.

They rolled in it, they sniffed it all in, they lounged around, and they fought each other for rights on who got to use it when. Honestly, Fresh Patch is worth every penny because if your dog won’t end up using it to pee as it is intended, they’re going to end up using it to have a good time anyway!

You can get a Fresh Patch for your best friend here!

You can also check out just how enthused Lola was about Fresh Patch in the video below!

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