Everything You Can Expect With The New iOS 12 & How To Download It To Your Apple Devices Right Now

The new iOS 12 is here! In case you were wondering what you can expect, along with how to download it to all your Apple devices right now, Chip Chick has you covered.

In Apple’s annual keynote meeting, they addressed a few issues that were going to be fixed in iOS 12, namely making the camera launch about 70% faster and apps in general about 40% faster. If speed and efficiency wasn’t enough to be happy about, here are some of the new things you can expect with this update.

The ability to add another face to Face ID

Well this one is beyond helpful! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be adding another face to Face ID, and it’s going to be my face without makeup.

Yeah, I made the mistake of implementing Face ID on my iPhone X with a FULL face of makeup on, and my iphone absolutely cannot recognize me without it on. At all. I have to passcode my way in every time and it’s really annoying. The new feature is called “set up an alternate appearance”.

You can now airdrop passwords

Airdrop your passwords to your other Apple devices, or even drop them to your friends and family. This new feature is incredibly useful!

No more notification overload

I’m sure your friends put you in group texts, and before you know it you’re 57 notifications deep and it’s only been 4 minutes. Ugh.

Well, there’s a new feature that only sends you one notification on group texts, even though you might have a zillion. This also works for app notifications too!

Do Not Disturb is getting more advanced

Say hello to several new setting options in Do Not Disturb.

Screen Time

This is a brand new feature that helps you take a look at exactly how often you use your phone and what apps you end up using the most often. Pretty neat, and potentially pretty eye opening and/or disturbing.

Tech addictions are a reality, and this is kind of helping us all combat that while reminding us to be real human beings.



New animated emojis you can make of yourself. It tracks and mimics what you do with your face. Enough said.

Update to iOS 12

To get yourself updated to iOS 12, first be sure your iPhone is plugged into the power outlet and simply head on over to Settings. I circled it in bright pink in case you’re unsure of where to find everything!

From Settings, click on General.


Next, click on Software Update.

Finally, click Download and Install. You will then be prompted to accept the terms and conditions and then your download will begin!

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