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Keeping Your Phone Out Of Your Bedroom Really Is The Key To Beauty Sleep & I Would Know I Tried It For A Few Weeks

I don’t know about you but I really struggle with achieving an adequate level of beauty sleep. It’s hard for me to stop thinking about my companies at the end of a long day, and it’s hard for me to just shut my brain off.

One thing I never really considered until recently is that your phone could be playing some major interference in the quality time you’re getting with your pillow.

Bank Of America’s Trends in Consumer Mobility Report found that shockingly 71 percent of people sleep next to or with their phones. Of these 71 percent, 3 percent of people sleep with their phone in their freaking hand, 13 percent keep it on their beds, and 55 percent put it on their nightstand. P.S. I would like to know who the heck falls asleep intentionally with their phone in their hand because that’s just a whole new level.

What should not come as a surprise is that we all need sleep. Sleep improves our performance, our memory, our immune system, our attention. We need sleep, so let’s get to how we can achieve this.

A recent study conducted by Gregory Marcus, the director of clinical research at the UCSF Division of Cardiology, revealed that as we spend more time on our phones, our quality of sleep goes down.

Aside from well, a lack of sleep making you miserable, it’s also been correlated to an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, and cardiovascular disease. If that’s not enough to scare you into getting your beauty sleep I don’t know what is!

“Our objectively measured screen-time was associated with reduced quality of sleep. That increased screen-time in the hour of and after bedtime, but not the hour before, was associated with greater sleep onset latency agrees with the notion that screen use just before attempting to fall asleep may be particularly problematic.” The study reads.

So, I set out to try sleeping for a few weeks without my phone on my bedside table, which is right next to my head. Oh, did I underestimate how much this bad boy is interfering with my sleep.

Initially, I admit I felt weird to not be constantly check my emails before bed or update the social media accounts for my companies, but it felt like I wasn’t missing an extension of my hand after a few nights.

Instead of putting my phone on my bedside table, I put it on my kitchen island so I couldn’t even hear it vibrate with all my emails.

I have to say, I definitely slept better and felt less stressed by not having my phone next to me while I sleep, and It’s something I’m sticking to. I think it’s definitely worth trying out!

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