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You Can Now Rent Private Pools With This Website & We’re Not Going To Lie, It’s Pretty Cool

There’s nothing that grosses me out more than public pools. I also don’t love crowds or being around strangers I don’t know, especially in my bikini, and I’m sure you can relate.

Well, you can now rent private pools with this website if you don’t already have one yourself, and we’re not going to lie, it’s pretty cool.

I’m not really sure who is ok with random strangers using their pool, but I guess it’s less risky than those brave souls who let people rent their Ferraris for a day.

Anyway, the website is called Swimply, which is a cute name if you ask me, and as their founder Bunim Laskin puts it, “owning a pool can be expensive, enjoying one doesn’t have to be.”

Also, owning a pool is a lot of work unless you have a Cabana boy. Ain’t nobody got time for PH strips, chlorine, and all the other things. It’s confusing.

As they say on their website:

“Swimply is an online marketplace for pool sharing that connects owners of private pools and people looking to get their hands on one.

Swimply allows non-pool owners affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury while allowing pool owners to make an effortless substantial income from their underutilized pool.

This extra income can be used to help cover costs and even make a profit while helping out the community at the same time. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone.

The pool owner simply lists their pool, customizes their account and decides when exactly it’s available for rent. Non-pool owners can read all about the pool, see previous reviews, and book directly through Swimply.com.

If anyone needs assistance, our support team ensures that the entire process of listing, reserving, and payment is as smooth as possible for all involved.”

Swimply is super user friendly and reminds me of Airbnb. People post photos of their pools that you can scroll through, and they have a lot of different options on the site so far. Pool users can also post reviews which is neat, so you can basically know before you go. Or book, I should say.