Here’s What It Would Look Like On Campus If Your Favorite Disney Princesses, Princes, & Villains Attended College!

Have you ever wondered what it would look like on campus if your favorite Disney Princesses, Princes, and Villains attended college? I’ll bet you definitely have wondered!

Well, wonder no more, because the supremely talented artist Hyung86 on DeviantArt drew all your favorite Disney characters doing what everyone did in college. Also, they’re all so incredibly well dressed it’s giving me outfit envy!

First up, we’re going to take a look at your favorite Disney Princesses as they hit campus. Check them out, you’re sure to love every single one, and be sure to see more of the artist’s work on his DeviantArt page!


Elsa is here showing Anna the ropes during her first year! A+ sister. It really means a lot to have your sister to help you out on campus!


Merida apparently becomes a big fan of The X-Files, looking at that T-shirt. This is something I can definitely support!

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