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NBA 2K19 Is A Great Way To Play & Unwind Together After A Crazy Work Week!

After a crazy week at work (I know you have all been there!), nothing makes for a better time than unwinding with the man in your life and coming up with a creative and fun date night idea. The new NBA 2K19 Xbox One video game, available at Walmart, is the perfect answer for your night-in relaxation plans!

Walmart sells both NBA 2K19 physical discs and digital cards. The digital game cards, which are only available at Walmart, are great as gifts because they can easily fit into a greeting card for special occasions like a birthday.

NBA 2K19 brings all the fun of the professional basketball court to the comfort of your own home. Everyone from causal fans to NBA enthusiasts will love playing NBA 2K19 on Xbox One. Trust me.

If you’re really competitive with the man in your life, this game will present a stimulating new way to challenge one another. NBA 2K19 is definitely a game of skill, but even if you’re not an Xbox One master, you have a shot at scoring big and having an enjoyable time in the process.

NBA 2K19 is highly immersive, and you won’t believe the graphics. You can even see sweat drip down the players’ faces, which is as courtside as it gets! NBA 2K19 also lets you make team decisions, giving you a realistic look at how it feels to be part of a professional team of athletes and the experience of a whole NBA season.

When selecting your players in the game, NBA 2K19 offers a high level of customization that’s new to this edition. You can pick the style and color of a player’s hair, decide if you want to adjust their stubble, change their weight and even their height. NBA 2K19 Standard and Anniversary Edition at Walmart.