How To Set Your Child Up For Success With A Future Tech Career Among The Majors (Think Google, Facebook, Apple) No Matter Their Age

You always want to do your best to set your child up for success!

As a parent, it’s no secret you always want to do your best to set your child up for success! While our world becomes increasingly digital and steeped in technology, it’s a smart play to encourage your child to pursue a future career in the tech industry.

Landing a job at Google, Facebook, Apple, or Amazon (to name a few of the major tech companies) is no easy feat nowadays. Tech is the new finance, with salaries that are out of this world.

The competition is fierce for adults, so children have an advantage in being prepped perfectly to land a job with a major tech company.

It’s no surprise everyone wants to work for one of the majors, but here is what you can do to set your child up for success with a career path like that, no matter what age they are currently at.

For Children

It’s never too early to prep your child for a career in tech, and you can do so in ways that are fun and unassuming. There are a variety of exciting STEM toys that encourage the skill development they need to succeed not only in tech, but in other exciting, fast growing industries. Industries like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (that’s where the STEM acronym comes from).

We previously covered some great STEM toys for girls, and a quick Google Search will help you find a bunch of exciting toys to help your children grow on the right track!

For Teens

Did you know Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have programs that high school students can attend? It’s true! Some of these big companies limit these opportunities to teens that live in the area, but you can find out more about each of their requirements below:

Google’s High School Program

Facebook’s High School Program

There are also a variety of exciting online courses your teenager can take! Some of them include:


Khan Academy

Things To Consider Before College

Before choosing a college and career path, make sure you and your child sit down and discuss what they would like to do. Some ways for them to find out about what career path they would like to pursue include:

Leaning About Different Career Opportunities Online

The Association For Computing Machinery‘s website outlines a variety of different choices in the computer science field

Learn How To Become is a great resource for science and technology careers

Getting Some Experience With Local Companies Or Businesses

Your teenager can get experience with local companies or businesses within the tech industry to help them decide what career path is the best one for them to pursue!

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