Omigo Is The Lux Toilet Seat: You Don’t Even Know You Need It Until You Can’t Live Without It

2018: Year of the dog, heart-shaped sunglasses and fannypacks, royal weddings, jumping from moving vehicles to Drake songs, the Memoji, and the rise of true toilet time gadgetry with a product you never even knew you needed.

The Omigo hi-tech toilet seat launched at the tail end of this summer (#takemeback) and has been gaining momentum across all manner of social media feeds, podcast platforms, and tech sites, encouraging its users to embrace the future of freshening up and “get weird” with their tricked out toilet seats.

With features like a warm water wash, heated seat, even a soft illuminating nightlight, we thought what the heck – let’s indulge this decked out diva seat and take her for a spin. Good decision.

Meet Omigo

So for the time being, the Omigo is sold exclusively on their website at myomigo.com. There you can take a deeper dive into the bells and whistles of this product through both a quirky intro video and this really cute animated product story scroll within the page itself.

The site is really neat, simple, you scroll through and it’s all laid out for you from basic features to customer reviews. There’s even a big help center button in case you have any questions – done and done.

The Omigo comes shipped in this really bright blue psychedelic box, about the size of iMac packaging. If you aren’t there to sign for it, your neighbors may think you’re heavily invested in like Japanese Funko Pop or record store paraphernalia.

As you open it up, you’re instantly greeted with another bright blue poster welcoming you to the future and really reinforcing the experience of such a strange new product.

Beyond the poster, the seat’s packed firmly in molded cardboard and wrapped in a canvas tote. It’s all so fun and way more pomp and preamble than you’d expect from a bathroom appliance.

Installation is easy enough. The product comes with lay-narrated instructions including step-by-step directions, graphics and the whole bit – all you need is a toilet, a power outlet, and like 20 minutes. The seat easily slides onto this mounting brace so you can pop it on and off whenever you want to clean it.

Once it’s plugged in and powered, this blue light instantly turns your toilet into a halo of hi-tech awe and any residual doubt, skepticism, or like “buyer’s remorse” starts fading away until you find yourself uttering things you never thought you would like, “that’s a sweet looking toilet seat.”

Experience the Future

The seat is controlled by what looks like a television remote meant for surfing MTV circa 1998. There are tons of features, thus many buttons, but it’s all laid out really intuitively and there are even programmable user setting for preferences like seat temp, nozzle position, spray width, water pressure, and dryer level.

Yes, it does all of these things and once you really open it up and let her rip, you will understand why you need it ALL.

The, eh, post-business experience on this seat is on point. Ladies, we can use this for both numbers one and two, as it features both posterior and “feminine wash” settings. Hygienically speaking, the feminine wash is clutch for everything from that time of the month to UTI problems, pregnancy, and beyond. Thank you Omigo – seriously.

At first, the spray seems a little weird, especially if you grew up in the States and haven’t yet had the pleasure of power washing your private areas but once you get used to it and find your preference for just where and how you like the water to hit you, you will never want to go any other way. Seriously, why is this just now a thing?

After you wash with the spray, you engage a warm air dryer with three heat settings. It takes a little while to get completely dry this way and you may still need to pat dry with a few dabs of toilet paper but it feels nice if you have the time. There’s also a built-in carbon block deodorizer which we ladies will never have to use because everyone knows we poop glitter.

Brass Tacks

All jokes aside, the Omigo seems as solid as it is quirky. For something you’re going to use every day, the construction and quality feel really well-crafted, the features are smart, and the experience is fun.

In a year so fraught with trends both scary and strange, it’s cool to see a company with the guts to imagine real comfort, cleanliness, and excitement for something that was once a daily chore.

I think the big selling point of this product is that it is something you will get a ton of use from. Unlike those $700 Louboutin pumps or last season’s Fendi clutch, Omigo is something that’s going to consistently bring you daily joy for years to come, plus it provides you with another level of health and cleanliness.

The biggest drawback I can see is the fact that you’re going to become addicted to this experience and will feel disappointed with lesser-equipped toilets.

I can totally see a day where we’ll all say wiping was so 2017 – because it was.

You can get an Omigo for yourself here and be sure to use code CHICK100 for $100 off!