4 Things You Can Do As A Mom Right Now To Teach Your Child Self Confidence & 4 Things You Should Completely Avoid Doing So You Don’t Mess Them Up

I’m sure when you think back to where you even got your confidence from, you probably can’t pick out a single thing. It would certainly be hard to pick one, because your confidence really is heavily shaped by how you are raised.

Even if you don’t always feel confident (we ALL have days like that as Moms) you have everything you need to impart to your child self worth and confidence.

If your child lacks confidence, it can be detrimental to them as they get older because they’re terrified of failure or disappointing you.

Here are 10 things you can do as a Mom right now to teach your child self confidence, and 4 things you should completely avoid doing so you don’t mess them up!

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