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Walmart Is Your One Stop Shop For Latest Tech Products & Here Are Our Favorite Picks!

This post is sponsored by Walmart and SheKnows Media.

Here at Chip Chick, there’s nothing we love more than quality tech products. Walmart really is your one stop shop for this (and of course, so much more), and we’re going to go over some of our favorite picks you can get online or in store!

HP Silver Fusion 15.6” Laptop

We really enjoy any tech product we can control with touch, and laptops are no exception. The super sleek HP Silver Fusion 15.6” Laptop has a touchscreen, which we can’t get enough of, and features a HD display.

What’s so great about HD display? Everything is brilliantly clear and once you start watching your favorite TV shows or movies on the HP Silver Fusion 15.6” Laptop, you’re not going to be able to watch them again on anything with a lesser quality screen.

This laptop is also the perfect size and weighs in at just 4.73 pounds, which means it easily fits in your bag so you can bring it with you on the go. We love the silver color and the fact that it is very well made and can clearly stand up to everyday use. It charges quite fast, loads multiple web browser tabs with ease, and has amazing sound for if you like to play music while you work.

The HP Silver Fusion 15.6” Laptop also features Windows 10, an 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8130U Processor, an impressive 1 TB hard drive, 4 GB SDRAM, and up to TEN hours of battery life. 

The other really knockout feature this laptop comes with is 16 GB Intel Optane Memory, which means you can achieve SSD performance without having to give up the space on your traditional hard drive.

You can purchase the HP Silver Fusion 15.6” Laptop for yourself on Walmart.com here!

Lenovo Smart Display 8” With Google Assistant

Just when you thought smart speakers couldn’t get any better, the Lenovo Smart Display 8” With Google Assistant was released. This amazing piece of tech pairs a touchscreen display and speaker with Google Assistant built in, for the best of both worlds.

It is like have your own personal assistant, and the touchscreen really makes everything you do so interactive. It’s a great touch (literally) because smart speakers have a way of feeling very impersonal.

So yes, while you can touch the Lenovo Smart Display, you can also entirely control it through Google Assistant and your voice alone. Ask and you shall receive has a whole new meaning now. It’s highly convenient for when you’re cooking and simply cannot take your hands away to do something else. Prepare to feel spoiled being able to do so many things with just your voice!

Speaking of cooking, if you like trying out exciting new recipes in the kitchen you especially need to get the Lenovo Smart Display. The fact that you can easily watch step-by-step videos or instructions while in your kitchen and at the ready is certainly a game changer. You’re never going to have to worry about propping up your tablet or navigating your phone while chopping vegetables again!

You can also use the Lenovo Smart Display to watch anything you like on YouTube. There are over 1,500 smart home devices you can control using the Lenovo Smart Display. i.e Nest Doorbell and Philips Hue. You can use it as a personal shopper and shop Walmart.com. You can have it act like an at home DJ and play all your favorite songs, and you can even flip through all your photos on Google Photos which is very neat. All this and more, again, can just be accomplished using your voice and we can’t get over our enthusiasm for this.

You can purchase the Lenovo Smart Display 8” With Google Assistant for yourself on Walmart.com here or in store!

Samsung 65” QLED 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV With High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Who needs to go to a movie theatre when you can just bring it to you? The Samsung 65” QLED 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR) is here to make those dreams come true. Samsung has always been our TV brand of choice because they really strive to deliver that premium experience to customers, and this TV is no exception.

  • Featuring proprietary Quantum Dot LED technology, this TV elevates your viewing experience to be more premium than you previously thought possible.
  • Samsung’s QLED TVs are truly cutting edge when it comes down to the tech.
  • The Q means Quantum Dot, and the LED means light-emitting diode, which is the lighting system popularly used in LED TVs
  • Samsung’s brand new line of 2018 QLED TVs all boil down to awe-inspiring details and rich, deep colors.
  • Seriously, you need to see this quality to believe it, and with Q Color, you will be watching your content in over a billion unique shades.
  • The colors are saturated. And with Q HDR Elite you’re going to get a whole new variety of contrast and brightness to make everything you watch come alive before your eyes.
  • Q Contrast provides depth with a lot of drama and picture quality with intensely deep blacks. Everything looks like it’s happening in real life as you watch, regardless of whether there’s daylight seeping into your room or it’s pitch black outside.
  • This technology is only available on Samsung’s flagship QLED TVs.

It’s nothing short of absolutely glorious to watch your favorite shows or movies on this TV and you’re definitely going to love showing it off to your family and friends!

You can purchase the Samsung 65” QLED 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV With High Dynamic Range (HDR) for yourself on Walmart.com and in store!