Digital Detriment: Having Too Many Browser Tabs Open Just Doesn’t Benefit You & Here’s What To Do

Clutter is never a good thing, and organizing your life always feels good. Whether it’s organizing your shoes, your clothing, your kitchen pantry, or your office, I’m sure it always makes you feel better doing it.

Even if you don’t enjoy organizing, like me, it’s like a necessary evil. You can’t argue with that.

Having too many browser tabs open just doesn’t benefit you. This is pretty much digital detriment at its finest. Oh, and I’m so guilty of browser tab overload.

In fact, I routinely have two to three browsers open with twenty tabs in each one. At least. If you can relate, even on a smaller scale, keep reading about how and why you should clean up your act.

It’s A Colossal Waste Of Time

You’re just never going to find what you’re looking for. You just won’t. If you have so many tabs open that you especially can’t even see past the favicons, you’re in deep trouble.

Instead, I like to open up a Google Spreadsheet and dump into that every tab I have open and why I have it open. Was it something I want to read about later? Or something I want to buy?

I write it down with the link and close the tab to keep things neat. It is WAY easier to find what you’re looking for this way!

It’s Definitely Slowing You Down

Having so many tabs open is definitely hurting your RAM, or your computer’s working memory. This can lead to slowing your whole computer down, or even causing it to crash, and nobody has time for that!

It’s Probably Overwhelming You

Having so many tabs open is probably overwhelming you; you just probably haven’t thought of that. Think about it; you have so many things going on you can’t possibly keep track of, and there’s no way you can be organized and in control with a ton of tabs. Overwhelming, right?