Generation Z Is Starting To Enter The Workforce & Here’s How They Differ From Millennials At Work

Generation Z is made up those born between 1995, and 2010. The oldest Gen Zs are about 22 or 23 which, means they’re just getting started in the workforce. It’s not a huge surprise that Gen Zs and millennials have a lot in common.

They also different in many ways. Whether it be what they want, what motives them, or how they’re able to handle adversity – Gen Zs are starting to make their mark in the work place.

Gen Z is Motivated by…

The older Gen Zs were kids during the Great Recession – which means they saw their parents take huge financials hits.

Because of this, Generation Z leans more towards having security and money, while millennials are motivated by purpose rather than a paycheck.

Gen Z is More…

As per recent studies, it’s been seen that millennials are more teamwork oriented and want to work in a setting that fosters inclusion where everyone works together to advance goals.

In contrast, Gen Z is defined as being extremely competitive. Gen Z is willing to work hard, and wants to be judged on their own.

Gen Z Wants…

Going hand in hand with being competitive, Gen Zs want independence. Many want to manage their own projects so their skills are able to shine through.

They don’t want to depend on others to get their work done for them.

Gen Z Can Multitask

Due to the fact that Gen Zs grew up in a world surrounded by apps and social media, their ability to multitask is much greater than millennials.

Gen Z is Entrepreneurial

Gen Z is way more entrepreneurial than millennials. This can be correlated back to their motivation of working hard to achieve their dreams independently.

Gen Z Want Face to Face Communication 

While millennial’s prefer emailing, or instant messaging and heavily rely on technology – Gen Z is very different. They prefer to have in-person discussion rather.

Gen Z Is Digital

Gen Z has grown up living with smartphones, and having access to WIFI for as long as they can remember. They’re the epitome of digital natives.