How Tech Is Helping Couples Plan Their Dream Honeymoon

After months and months of planning every single detail for your wedding, you’re only left with one more decision – where will you honeymoon? It’s becoming more and more common for people not to go on their honeymoon directly after their big day.

You still have to go eventually and you don’t want to risk going somewhere unenjoyable. Lucky for us, this travel company is giving newlyweds a chance to get a seek peak at their travel destination.

I know what you’re thinking, everyone can get a sneak peak if you go on the resort’s website, Facebook, or Instagram. Well, yes technically you’re right – but this travel company lets you see your resort through a pair of virtual reality googles. Yup.

Virtual Honeymoon, as it’s called, is an interactive destination matching tool designed by Robin Hawkey. This allows couples who are conflicted about where to go on their honeymoon to be matched with the best place. It asks 17 different questions, focusing on what the couple wants and needs – then it matches them with their top two destinations.

This is where it gets really cool. Once they get their two top destinations, they’re given the chance to virtually visit before actually committing. It’s almost like dating your honeymoon destination before having to say yes. After they get a 360 virtual tour of the potential destination, the newlyweds are able to make a decision about where to go!

The VR reality experience is also totally affordable! It comes at the cost of $24.95 for an entire month of use, and if couples want to continue with the VR experience there is also a year-long access option.

In a recent interview, Robin explained that the matching tool and VR experience has been so successful she’s launching a sister company! Only this time, it’s targeted at helping couples find the perfect wedding destination.