HyVIDA Review: This Bubbly Beverage Packs A Heck Of A Health Punch In One Slim & Sleek Can

I absolutely love sparkling beverages, whether they be water or wine. I could pretty much live on sparkling water, I mean I do go through it like it’s my job, but one thing is for sure I couldn’t live without it!

HyVIDA is a bubbly beverage that packs a heck of a health punch, and it’s sugar free, calorie free, and GMO free (all of my favorite things). It also contains Hydrogen, and Hydrogen water is a trend I’m sure you’ve heard of. HyVIDA gave me their Hydrogen infused beverage to try, and here’s what I think of it.

So what’s exactly in this slim and sleek can?

Carbonated water, Hydrogen, Magnesium, and organic natural flavor if you’re drinking the Raspberry or Lemon-Lime one. By the way, I can’t decide if I like the Raspberry more than the Lemon-Lime one. They both taste natural, not chemically at all, and I really love that the flavoring is organic.

Honestly I like the taste more than any sparkling water brand I currently drink, and it’s definitely a smooth, crisp, and refreshing beverage to enjoy.

This is also made using purified water from America and a patent-pending Hydrogen infusing process that results in an increased pH. In plain English, this drink is way less acidic than any other sparkling water you consume, which means it won’t upset your stomach or the enamel on your teeth.

I do think it’s more bubbly and effervescent than other sparkling waters, which I like and appreciate. That’s the whole point of sparkling water, right? The bubbles!

Let’s get down to the Hydrogen in here, because that’s the unique star ingredient. Studies show Hydrogen water contains powerful antioxidants, increases your energy, improves your mood, boosts weight loss, lowers blood sugar, helps speed up the recovery time after a workout, slows down the aging process, and decreases inflammation.

As you can see, those are a lot of exciting health benefits! Studies are still in early stages, so that means we’re probably just going to see more of a positive correlation between Hydrogen water and health benefits. In case you were curious, no, you can’t drink too much Hydrogen. It won’t hurt you at all and it’s not even toxic in high doses.

I think HyVIDA definitely lives up to the Hydrogen hype. I’m always skeptical about testing anything that comes with so many health benefits, but I see a difference.

Personally, I feel perkier after a can, and I haven’t been drinking it that long. I feel a little lighter and brighter, a little more focused, and a little happier too. I really love drinking HyVIDA before I ride my horses, because they’re both pretty difficult and powerful jumpers and it requires all of my focus to do my best with them. I’ll take all the focus I can get!

I also really enjoy drinking this bubbly beverage after a ride or a workout to help me not feel sluggish or slow. I think it’s completely worth picking up and trying for yourself to see how great it is. I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with the effects.

I did get this for free to review, but I’ll definitely be purchasing it on Amazon when I run out since I like it that much!

You can get HyVIDA for yourself on Amazon here!

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