Sometimes Things Get Weird, Sometimes Things Get Wonderful: 10 Things Nobody Is Going To Tell You About Being Your Own Boss (Except Me)

When I started out on my own, with my own company, working for myself while designing scarves, I had a lot of preconceived notions. I of course thought things would be all rainbows and unicorns. Well, it is, but it also isn’t. By a long shot.

Sometimes things get weird, sometimes things get wonderful, and here are 10 things nobody is going to tell you about being your own boss (except me).

It’s Kind Of Definitely Lonely

I hate to admit it, but it’s kind of lonely to work for yourself. Especially before you have the ability to hire anyone. You go from having a lot of people to interact with on a daily basis in the corporate world, to being all alone. Every. Single. Day.

Before I got to the point where I could hire people I could then talk to, I spent a whole lot of time thinking out loud to my dogs. They’re a great audience, right?

You Think You’re Going To Work Less

I mean, I started out working for myself thinking I was going to be able to work less. Have more freedom. Do what I want. Nope.

Nope, nope, nope. I ended up working for myself and hauling 15 hour plus days. 7 days a week. Never going out and seeing my friends because I had too much to do.

I swear, becoming an entrepreneur basically is like becoming a workaholic. You have to hustle your butt off in the beginning, and then things do get easier for sure, but then you encounter the problem of focusing all your free time on how to actually improve your business. It takes a lot to balance yourself and your new lifestyle out and not let work eat up every single second of your life.

You’re Going To Want To Quit Every Single Day

Ohmygoodness, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I would tell my husband when he came home from work that I was going to quit. I was done working for myself.

I wanted to quit every single day, because things were beyond tough; they were brutal. More brutal than any corporate America job I ever held. More brutal than my absolute worst bosses.

You’re going to be wondering if working for yourself is the biggest mistake of your life, if any of your previous companies would take you back, if you would be happier working for someone else where you could clock in at 9 and out at 5.

I mean, I’ve had numerous days where I just told myself I could always go work at Starbucks and everything would be easy and solved. Then you remind yourself you love what you do, even when it’s downright grueling and miserable.

You Kind Of Get Sedentary & Eat A Lot Of Snacks

Ok, I never worked in an office that had any snacks. I know, frequently you read about these awesome new startups that have tons of snacks to offer, along with cool perks. I never worked at an amazing corporate company like that!

Well, when you work for yourself you end up having unlimited access to snacks. I’m talking about all the ones in your kitchen. You end up eating a lot of them, along with practicing a newfound sedentary lifestyle.

Yeah, it’s a lot easier to just sit in front of your computer working all day and all night and you end up easily spending all your free time doing that, instead of hitting the gym or being active.

So, you end up having to make a conscious effort to make sure you get up from in front of your computer and actually do active things. You also need to monitor your snack intake like never before!

You Have No Friends

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but as soon as you take the leap and start working for yourself, you kind of lose all your girlfriends. Be prepared.

Nobody can actually relate to how hard you work anymore, or why you do what you do, unless your friends all happen to be fellow female entrepreneurs. Which, they’re just not going to be in reality (sorry to break this one to you).

You’re A Party Of One

When you work for yourself, you’re a party of one (until you get some hires). Ok, I admit, I call my Mom when I sell new deals or have exciting news so I’m not like entirely alone. But prepare to be alone.

You’re going to be dancing alone with your dog to celebrate the wins, sobbing into a bottle of wine at midnight when things don’t go as planned; things get weird.

I highly suggest employing your Mom to be your biggest cheerleader so you can at least recount things to someone….aside from your dog. It’s hard to be a party of one, even if you don’t want to admit it!

LOL @ Vacations

All those perks you got with previous corporate jobs, like vacation? Well LOL @ vacation, because you’re never going to take one again. You also are never going to work 9-5 and then forget about it ever again.

You get obsessed. You don’t want to separate yourself from your computer. Even to go out to dinner. Prepare yourself for this one!

People Are Going To Constantly Ask You About What You Even Do

People are constantly going to ask you what you even do with your life. And yourself. In your former years you had a cool title, or an important one. Now it’s like you have to explain yourself.

You Can Kiss Your Pro Wardrobe Goodbye

So, before I even hired employees, I would literally work from the comfort of my couch in my underwear every single day. Without makeup.

All of my beautiful, amazing clothes in my professional wardrobe? I kissed goodbye. It’s kind of fun to wear whatever you want and look like whatever you want, but sometimes you melt down about it.

I used to wear heels and command a room, and now here I am on my couch with no makeup what have I done?!

It’s Entirely Worth It

Yes, working for yourself and being your own boss gets weird. It gets ugly. It gets amazing. It gets to be worth it.

You had the guts to take the leap and start your own business.You had the guts to make it harder on yourself in the short term and present yourself with a new set of challenges in order to afford yourself financial freedom.

Working for yourself and being your own boss is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it is for everyone woman that wants to be in charge of her own career, her own finances, and her own time.

No matter how crazy things get, it is absolutely 150% worth it!

Bre is a female millennial go getter residing in New York. One part entrepreneur, one part geek, she obtained her degree in Textile/Surface Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

She has held some exciting roles in both fashion as a designer working for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel, as well as in ad tech working for publishers like Ziff Davis.

Today she operates her own luxury label and is also the Chief Chick at Chipchick.com which reaches millions of women each month.

Bre is passionate about keeping women informed of the latest technology trends and products to improve their lifestyle and believes in providing real, useful information and advice to her readers.