The Farmer’s Dog Review: Your Best Friend Deserves Better & Here’s The Shocking Reason Why You Should Only Feed Your Dog Fresh Food

Why Chip Chick Loves The Innovative Startup The Farmer’s Dog

My dogs Pippa and Lola are pretty much my kids, and I do whatever is within my power to give them the best and healthiest lives. I know my fellow dog owning and loving Chip Chick readers are the same way, so we really need to have a conversation about the shocking reason why you should only feed your dog fresh food.

Quite sadly, the pet food industry isn’t even as close to being as regulated as it should be, in order to keep your four legged best friend safe and healthy. If you head to the store and pick up any bag or can of commercially made dog food and look at the ingredients, I guarantee you won’t be able to pronounce, let alone understand, what half the ingredients actually are.

On top of that, it’s not a secret that commercially made dog foods frequently use fillers, byproducts, and ingredients that are not safe for your dog, let alone being close for human consumption. There’s no nutritional value. It’s highly processed. You as a person can’t expect to live off processed junk food and be healthy, so how can you expect your dog to be? Why would you feed this to your best friend? They should deserve the best, and commercially made pet food pretty much falls scarily short of this.

If you would not consider eating your dog’s food, you should not be feeding it to them. The good news is, there’s an easy way to guarantee your best friend is getting exactly what they need: fresh made food that contains human grade ingredients.

Meet The Farmer’s Dog: an innovative Brooklyn startup that brings fresh made food straight to you and your dog’s door. The best part is, every single ingredient they put into your best friend’s food is something you could eat yourself. It’s human grade. It’s safe. It’s nutritious.

Pippa is a 3 year old Chihuahua and Lola is her 7 month old sister. As you can imagine, they’re ridiculously picky because I cook them things like grass fed beef, organic chicken, and organic vegetables for all their meals. To top it off, every time I go away for work, my Mom cooks them home made gourmet meals too. They have quite the sophisticated palate and they’re fiercer than most Manhattan food critics. I have to admit, I was a little worried to see what these discerning divas would think of their new eats.

Pippa and Lola got to take their exciting recipes for a spin, and here’s what they think of The Farmer’s Dog.

Pippa and Lola both voraciously consumed all three of the recipes they got to try: beef, turkey, and pork. They definitely do not have a preference for one recipe over the other, which I was completely taken aback by, given their picky princess natures. All you have to do is look at their faces in the below photos to see the kind of exuberance and joy that goes along with having The Farmer’s Dog for breakfast or dinner.

Why The Farmer’s Dog is a Chip Chick (as well as a Pippa & Lola) Pick

You’re not going to have to worry about food recalls. You’re not going to have to worry about the quality of food your dog is receiving, because everything the Farmer’s Dog uses is USDA approved and completely human grade.

The meals are completely customized to exactly what your dog needs. You won’t have to worry about making the time to cook for your dog: it just shows up at your door!

The pouches the food comes in keeps everything super fresh and it’s very easy to portion out and squeeze out of the pouch into your dog’s bowl.

The ease of use, affordability, and peace of mind that the Farmer’s Dog provides is simply unrivaled.

I was immediately impressed that I could pretty much pick out all the ingredients in The Farmer’s Dog pouches, just by looking at it. Upon inspecting the actual ingredients, I found that everything that goes into these recipes is healthy, fresh, and nutritious.

You can pick from beef, turkey, and pork options for your dog, and here is exactly what goes in:

  • Beef: beef, lentils, sweet potato, beef liver, carrot, kale, sunflower seeds, fish oil, and a special blend of vitamins
  • Turkey: turkey, parsnips, chickpeas, carrot, broccoli, spinach, fish oil, and a special blend of vitamins
    • Pork: pork, sweet potato, potato, pork liver, green beans, cauliflower, blueberries, fish oil, and a special blend of vitamins

Smaller dogs start at less than $3/day. Shop The Farmer’s Dog!

As you can see, every single ingredient they use is visible, colorful, and easy to identify.

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