We Bet You Didn’t Know Alexa Has These Cool Skills

Some people don’t realize that Alexa can do a lot more than just play your favorite music, call an Uber to come and pick you up, and open your garage door. She’s also capable of searching for addresses or turning up the thermostat!

If you find yourself wondering “what else can Alexa do?”, we’re here to help you answer that question! These are 10 skills Alexa has that you definitely didn’t know about!

Skill Finder 

The best way to find out what kind of skills Alexa has is really to just ask her! Just by saying “Alexa, open skill finder” she’ll explain to you about some of her other talents.


If you’re having a party of even just a casual cocktail – Alexa can teach how to make any drink you want. Just tell Alexa the cocktail you want, and she’ll give the directions on how to make it! She can even surprise you with a cocktail you’ve never heard of!

Order pizza 

Once you’ve enabled Alexa’s skills, this command with definitely come in handy! By simply saying “Alexa, open Domino’s and place my order” – you’ll have a pizza in no time!

7-minute workout 

Alexa is good for more than just ordering pizza. She can also help you get fit! Just open Alexa and get ready for her to become your personal trainer – because over the next 7 minutes she’ll whip you into shape.

Feels like 

Sometimes the weather reports are actually super confusing. They’ll say it’s 32 degrees, but feels like 27 degrees. Sometimes those they don’t give you the “feels like” option and you’re not dressed properly. Luckily, Alexa has a “feels like” skill that is easily enabled so you no longer have to suffer in the cold!


You know when you’re running late and rushing to the airport and then all of a sudden realize you forgot to get someone to drive you there? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Alexa can help with that though. Just ask her to call an Uber for you.


Instead of spending time scrolling through the internet for the best price on your airfare – you can literally just ask Alexa. Tell her your budget and she’ll find you the best flight.

Airport wait time 

Instead of having to “hurry up and wait” at the airport, Alexa can help you minimize your wait time at the airport. Ask Alexa to enable her Security Line skill, and then just ask how long the wait is at your airport.