Check Out These Celebs Who Weren’t Afraid To Share Their Pregnancies With The World

For some couples, finding out they are pregnant is a huge surprise. While for others, it’s something they have been trying to achieve for months, or even in some cases years. Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson were one of those couples who had been trying to get pregnant for months.

When the big news finally arrived that they were, in fact, pregnant, Brie explained that she couldn’t have been happier. She described the feeling as taking her breath away and she “screamed out to tell Bryan.”

Instagram; pictured above is Brie Bella, Brian Danielson, and their daughter

However, the pregnancy was not as easy as she had hoped for. Brie shared that “despite being an athlete, pregnancy took a huge toll” on her body. Even being in top physical shape doesn’t always mean your pregnancy will come easy.

Instagram; pictured above is Brie Bella with her daughter

Her first trimester was the worst, as she “suffered from migraines…plus a lot of fatigue, but I had zero morning sickness.” The normally energetic wrestler explained that pregnancy took a lot out of her. We can’t blame her!

Instagram; pictured above is Ciara hugging her child

Sometimes, recovering from pregnancy can be harder than the actual pregnancy itself. Ciara was extremely open about every aspect of her pregnancy – especially when it came to how being pregnant changed her body.

She revealed that she gained upwards of 65 pounds when she was pregnant. Lucky for her, she is married to the top quarterback Russell Wilson. She credits him completely with helping her get back into shape quickly, and healthily.

Instagram; pictured above is Ciara with her family boarding a private jet together

There were certain days after giving birth that Ciara was working out three times a day in order to burn off her extra weight. We really admire her for putting so much hard work into getting herself back to where she wanted to be. It’s certainly no easy feat.

One year after giving birth, she lost 50 pounds. She revealed that the last 15 came off shortly after. Of course, it’s important to remember that your body just did an amazing thing. So, rushing to get a bikini body back isn’t always necessary.

Instagram; pictured above is Amanda Seyfried

When Amanda Seyfried was pregnant, she was very open about most of her journey as a mom to be. She even shared what her least favorite part about being pregnant was – how sensitive her nose became. This is common and happens to a lot of women but, Amanda was extra sensitive.

She revealed that she literally could not tolerate people who didn’t practice the best hygiene. What do we mean? Well, she shared that she absolutely cannot “tolerate body order…if someone has it, I have to leave.”

Instagram; pictured above is Amanda Seyfried

Another quirky thing Amanda claims to have been able to smell while she was pregnant was electricity. Apparently she “can smell the TV.” Very interesting!

We’re not so sure what electricity smells like, but we can imagine body odor and that’s something that pregnant or not, no one likes the smell of.

Instagram; pictured above is Serena Williams holding her daughter’s hand

When the greatest women’s athlete of all time, Serena Williams, announced her pregnancy, she gave everyone extremely honest feedback. Serena is not someone who we have seen undergo extreme sadness, mostly because she is usually winning while on the court. However, she revealed that during her pregnancy she struggled with her emotions.

Serena shared that being pregnant is one of the toughest things she’s ever done. Her entire pregnancy was difficult, and the day she gave birth was no exception. She explained that giving birth is basically like having a fourth trimester.

Instagram; pictured above is Serena Williams with her daughter on the couch

“It’s part of the pregnancy” she shared. Even days after giving birth, Serena recalls not having control of her emotions. That’s not very uncommon for a mom to go through, and celebs are no exception.

“I couldn’t find Olympia’s bottle and I got so upset I started crying…because I wanted to be perfect for her.” We’re sure that Olympia loves her mom no matter what.

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