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Chip Chick Holiday Picks: Gourmet Gifts For The Foodie On Your List

One of my favorite things to bring you Chip Chick readers are knockout products you can’t help but love. The holidays are no exception, so here are my Chip Chick Holiday Picks, full of all the gourmet gifts that are perfect for the foodie on your list!

Everything in my gift guide I’ve reviewed myself, tested, drank, and eaten, to make sure I’m bringing you the best gourmet buys the holiday season has to offer.

Beekman 1802 Goat Poop

Beekman 1802 Goat Poop is a novelty for sure! Any chocolate lover in your life will appreciate the whimsy and premium chocolates that are a part of this gift.

Covered in Belgian Chocolate, each piece is full of either pretzels, hazelnuts, almonds, malt balls, caramel, or cookies on the inside. I’ve sampled every flavor and each one is more delicious than the next. They truly do melt right in your mouth.

As all my friends will tell you, at my house I always like to put out chocolates or snacks on my table. These little goat poop are sitting pretty on one of my tables and are already a huge hit with everyone that stops by. This is a gift I’m definitely going to be picking up for all my uncles this year!

You can get Beekman 1802 Goat Poop here.

Vinny’s Marinara Sauce

Vinny makes THE BEST marinara sauce you can possibly get your hands on, and his store is right down the road from my country house in Pawling, New York. People, this is not a drill, I can not eat pasta and marinara sauce anymore if it didn’t come from Vinny. That’s the level of revolutionary his Italian food is.

For all my girls local to Manhattan, Pawling is about an hour and twenty minutes away from the city if you drive and it’s well worth a weekend trip.

There’s also a train you can take right to the center of town (which is adorable by the way), and Vinny’s store is right next to the train station so you can check it out while you tour a picturesque country town. Vinny is also well known for making unreal sandwiches and fresh mozzarella too.

If you can’t make it to Vinny’s store before the holidays, you can buy his amazing sauce online. For Christmas this year, I’m making gourmet gift baskets for all my friends, complete with Vinny’s Marinara Sauce and other delicious goodies from his store!

You can get Vinny’s special sauce online here, but you’re going to have to go to his store to get the meatballs pictured above!

Wandering Bear Coffee

I don’t care if it’s twenty degrees outside, I’m still drinking iced and cold brew coffee all year ’round. It’s my absolute favorite, and I’m always on the hunt for exciting new coffee brands for myself and my family to enjoy (they are all BIG coffee drinkers).

I like my coffee black, and I’ll admit it’s always pretty bitter no matter the brand. Wandering Bear Coffee makes that bitter black taste smooth! Even their Straight Black coffee tastes much smoother and lighter than any other black coffee I’ve had.

I got to try their Vanilla Coconut, Straight Black, and Mocha Coconut flavors and I can’t pick a favorite. Their coffees are dairy free, organic, and don’t have any sugar.

My favorite thing about Wandering Bear Coffee, aside from the way it tastes, is that they offer these convenient On-The-Go packs that you can take anywhere you want. They’re small and portable and you can just throw them right in your bag! For Christmas though, I’m getting more to wrap up and give as smaller gifts to everyone in my family.

You can get Wandering Bear Coffee here.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Full disclosure: I do not like toffee. I find it thick, not easy to eat or enjoy, and I don’t appreciate nearly taking out a tooth to take a bite. Well, Dave’s Sweet Tooth makes toffees….but they are nothing like the typical ones you have tried!

Dave’s Sweet Tooth makes toffees that are light, crisp, easy to break apart, and they taste absolutely incredible too.  I also appreciate that you can break them into tiny pieces without any work, so you can snack on a smaller level.

All of their toffees are also handmade and homemade in Michigan, and you know I love products like this. They also use real milk chocolate, real butter, and real sugar in every batch.

They make special and seasonal flavors throughout the year that are really unique and exciting, such as Pumpkin Spice, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Cranberry Pecan, and more! Only buy these toffees for yourself if you are prepared to sit down and eat a whole bag at once, because they’re THAT good.

I ate a whole bag by myself, and my Mom ate a whole bag too while she helped me sample these! Mom was tentatively taking bites at first and wondering how the heck this tastes so good because she thought she hated toffee too. You’re just not going to want to put them down.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth offers a holiday gift box that you can ship straight to your friends and family, or you can buy a bunch of pouches and use them as stocking stuffers, which is what I’m doing this Christmas!

You can get Dave’s Sweet Tooth toffees here.

Mom In The Mail

Care package or exciting holiday gift you can deliver straight to someone’s door? Mom In The Mail is a little of both, for sure!

Mom In The Mail is a box packed with handmade and mouthwatering cookies. Their menu rotates, offering different flavors throughout the year, and they make special flavors just for the holiday season.

They also can make cookies that are vegan, nut free, egg free, dairy free, and gluten free. There truly is something for everyone in this package full of love.

Both my sisters recently moved away from home (one’s in Canada attending veterinary school and the other is in Los Angeles) and this something I’ll be sending them so they don’t miss out on the holiday cheer back here. My Mom and I always take advantage of the entire month of December to celebrate, and baking cookies is always on our list.

You can get Mom In The Mail here.

gimMe Organic Seaweed Chips

gimMe Organic Seaweed Chips creates a variety of seaweed chips in exciting flavors! From Teriyaki to Wasabi to Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Toasted Coconut to Almond Sesame to Sriracha Almond, they have a flavor to fit everyone.

Their seaweed chips are flavor packed, crunchy, light, and healthy. It’s a perfect snack since it’s not packed with any junk or ingredients that aren’t so good for you. Their seaweed snacks are also organic, gluten free, non GMO, and vegan.

These are the perfect little stocking stuffers and my vegan sister will definitely be getting every flavor this Christmas!

You can find out where to get gimMe Organic Seaweed Chips here.

TRE Olive Oil

TRE Olive Oil is truly unique! It’s a family owned company that has been making olive oil for generations right in southern Italy in a region called Calabria. Their 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only is grown in Italy in their groves; it’s also picked right in Italy, pressed right in Italy, and then poured right in Italy too.

They have so many amazing offerings for the holidays; you can pick from their variety of beautiful gift boxes or even choose to adopt a tree for someone and they will then get shipments of olive oil delivered straight to their door from that specific tree.

TRE Olive Oil also has balsamic vinegars, spreads, olives, soaps, and candles available on their website too. There are so many great ideas here for your favorite foodie this Christmas and I’m definitely going to be picking a bunch of their goodies to wrap up and give to my family and friends this year.

You can get TRE Olive Oil here.

Sweet Whispers Meringues

Sweet Whispers Meringues are unique in that they’re filled with fruit flavors on the inside! They’re light, airy, and have a nice hint of sweet.

Sweet Whispers comes in the following flavors: Blackberry Filling, Key Lime Filling, Raspberry Filling, and Passion Fruit Filling. Each one is very tasty and the texture of the filling inside is divine.

Every one of their meringues is made by hand and doesn’t contain anything but all natural ingredients. The fillings inside are also made by hand and from scratch, and they contain all real fruit.

These meringues are also free of artificial colors, additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and are gluten free. These are going in the stockings of all my family members this Christmas!

You can get Sweet Whispers Meringues here.

Szent Water

Free of sugar, calories, and additives, what kind of magical drink is this? It’s water! Well, Szent is flavored water, but it tastes amazing enough you won’t be wanting a soft drink or something sugary.

Bottled right in California, this water is purified with reverse osmosis. What’s really neat about Szent, aside from the incredible flavor selection, is that there is a scent ring at the top of the bottle that’s packed with food grade natural oils.

As soon as you open a bottle, you’re going to continuously smell the flavor which is very cool. I’m all for this sensory experience. Szent comes in Passionfruit, Pineapple, Tangerine, Tropical, and Mint.

My family absolutely loves flavored seltzers and waters, so Szent is a perfect pick for a fun and easy little gift to add to their piles under the tree this year. I’m always on the hunt for fun things I can wrap and add to their bigger gifts.

You can find out where to get Szent here.

Blvd Kitchen Holiday Gift Box

If you’re looking for an exciting box to send your foodie friends and family members, check out Blvd Kitchen’s Holiday Gift Box. This box is full of goodies that the Blvd Kitchen staff hand selects to send to your loved ones.

It’s beautifully packed and put together, and the treats inside this year are a variety of exciting things. It comes in three different boxes at three different price points. I got to review the BLVD Sweet Holiday Dreams box.

Inside were these picks: Surprise Surprise Bake Shop Cake Pop, Wes Candy Co. Gourmet Gummies, Mom in the Mail Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt, DEW Foods Artisan Brittle, pickled cranberries, Maya’s Brigadeiro Small Sampler Box, and a Sugar & Alchemy Rice Krispy Treat. Heaven. This is definitely a box I’ll be sending to my foodie family members in the mail.

You can get the Blvd Kitchen Holiday Gift Box here.

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