Signs Your Sleep Deprivation Is Showing & You Need More Rest

Everyone thinks they can get by on a minimal amount of sleep.Truly, I used to think it would be fine going to bed super later and then being fully functioning for the next day. It wasn’t until this last weekend actually that I realized – I do not function well without enough sleep.

I started to cry for no other reason other than being exhausted. I was in an Uber, with my boyfriend, trying not to burst into tears…talk about embarrassing. Anyway, sleep deprivation affects everyone differently. Some sleep deprived people can carry through life, somewhat smoothy. After a while though, the lack of sleep catches up with you. If any of these signs seem relatable – then you may be suffering from the phenomenon known as high functioning sleep deprivation.

First, you have a feeling of just being “unwell.” High functioning sleep deprivation won’t make you feel like you have trouble staying awake. It just makes you feel generally beaten, or you may have aches and pains throughout your body for no reason. Gastrointestinal upsets can also be caused by sleep deprivation.

This isn’t shocking, but another sign of sleep deprivation is making the same small mistakes. In 2018, a study showed that sleep deprivation interferes with your memory. If you’re conducting a longer-term task that requires you to follow instructions and different steps, you’re going to have trouble with it. Why? Because lack of sleep makes it difficult for one to multitask.

Another sign of sleep deprivation comes in the form of people not being able to “read you.” What this means is your actual facial expressions can be affected by lack of sleep. Even if someone is very happy, they have a hard time showing their emotions.

Lack of sleep can also affect your health. In 2017, Sleep published a study that your immune system suffers if you don’t get enough sleep. Regardless of how healthy you are aside from your sleep schedule, short sleep and general immune system issues go hand and hand. Sleep deprivation causes you to get sick very easily.

In 2018, scientists revealed that there is a social aspect to sleep deprivation. High functioning sleep deprivation makes one feel more alone and isolated. If you don’t sleep normally, then you don’t crave human interaction as much. Therefore, you are isolating yourself.