Wandering Bear Coffee Review: The Perfect Caffeine Companion For Every Girl On The Go

I’m the girl who drinks her cold brew coffee on ice, and it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing and fifteen degrees outside. I’m also a hopeless coffee enthusiast, and I like to have at least two cups a day (weekends included).
I take my favorite beverage pretty seriously, and when I got the opportunity to review Wandering Bear’s coffee, of course I was excited! I love learning about coffee companies that are new to me and that I don’t already have on my radar, because I’m not exactly your coffee chain loyalist.
Wandering Bear sent over their Vanilla Coconut, Straight Black, Mocha Coconut, and Hazelnut flavors for me to try out. I absolutely cannot pick a favorite flavor because they’re all unique and delicious in their own rights and it’s simply not fair to have to decide on just one. So we’re calling this one a tie and I’m going to get to why.
I like my coffee black, but it took me YEARS of trying and trying and trying to get to the point in my life where I actually do enjoy black coffee. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again, right? I used to drink my coffee with a ton of artificial flavoring and splenda.
I’ll admit the one thing about black coffee is that it’s always pretty bitter no matter the brand. Wandering Bear makes that bitter black taste smooth! Even their Straight Black coffee tastes much smoother and lighter than any other black coffee I’ve had.
Their coffees are also dairy free, organic, and don’t have any sugar. It really doesn’t get much better than that.
My favorite thing about Wandering Bear, aside from the way it tastes, is that they offer these convenient On-The-Go packs that you can take anywhere you want. They’re small and portable and you can just throw them right in your bag!
These portable packs make Wandering Bear the perfect caffeine companion for the girl on the go, and these are a life saver for when I need to head to the barn to ride my horses but I don’t have the time to make coffee beforehand. Yeah, that’s me every weekend, and then I’m sitting up there in my saddle at 8 a.m. wondering where I went wrong in my life that I was too busy to get out the door with my caffeine fix.
You can also screw the cap right back on the pack after you open it, so your coffee stays horse hair free. Also, my horses Bentley and Zoey completely approve of Wandering Bear. They so badly wanted to drink it and wouldn’t keep their noses out of my way every time I opened the cap.
Wandering Bear also offers Coffee On Tap, that has 16 servings inside. It’s a nicely sized box to put right in your fridge and it doesn’t take up much space at all. It has a little tap to make it easy to pour into your coffee cup, and the tap also keeps your coffee super fresh.
This handy box will stay fresh for you for up to 30 days after you open it. That’s pretty incredible! It also only has filtered water and organic coffee inside, so you can feel good knowing that your morning cup is not packed with anything bad for you or harmful to your health (here’s looking at you, artificial flavoring I used to love).
You can get Wandering Bear Coffee for yourself here.

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