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Your Dog’s Holidays Are Sure To Be Happy With The VetriScience Composure Chews To Help Combat Stress

This post is sponsored by VetriScience

I have two Chihuahuas, who are anything but ankle biters. 3-year-old Pippa and 1-year-old Lola are the friendliest little girls, and they truly love people. They’re not normally skittish or upset easily. That being said, they still get stressed around the holidays just like the rest of us!

Between my cousin’s children learning to walk (nothing scares a little dog more than a tiny, shrieking human that is just learning to use their legs), all the people coming in and out of my house, the endless holiday parties, the plentiful holiday decorations that definitely weren’t there before, and all the running around that doesn’t adhere to their normal schedule, there’s a lot for Pippa and Lola to find anxiety-inducing.

I mean, they both weigh under ten pounds and the world is a big, wide, sometimes upsetting place, especially during the holiday season, which stresses us all out to no end. What’s a dog mom to do?

Consider VetriScience® Laboratories Composure™ soft chews to help your pet manage their stress. It’s a great pick for the holidays, but it also helps all year ’round, because our dogs’ lives are not exactly stress free.

I picked up the bite-sized chews for small dogs, and they really are the perfect little size if you have a little dog. They’re also bone shaped and chicken liver flavored, which I find completely adorable. If you don’t have a small dog, don’t worry they come in different options appropriate for the size of your dog. These chews are clinically shown to work within 30 minutes, so I tried these out on Pippa and Lola 30 minutes before I had my family over to bake holiday cookies to test them out.

I have to say, I did see a marked difference in their behavior. These chews definitely helped to mellow the girls out, and they certainly gave them the composure they needed to deal with a house full of people singing along to Christmas songs and making a baking mess. Pippa and Lola were more relaxed during the festivities. The chews take the edge off, but they don’t knock your pet out or make them drowsy or dizzy.

I would definitely recommend picking this up and trying it for yourself. It can’t hurt, as it is made with safe and effective ingredients! The active ingredients in these chews that help keep your dog calm are Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Colostrum Calming Complex® Biopeptide Blend , and L-Theanine .

What I like about VetriScience® Laboratories is that they are a family owned company and their entire product line is developed by veterinarians, including the Composure™ soft chews. I appreciate a company that takes the time to put the research into creating a product to help make your best friend’s life better.

VetriScience® Laboratories Composure™ soft chews are really a small insurance policy to help your four-legged best friend be their very best this holiday season. You can check out the entire line of VetriScience® Laboratories Composure™ soft chews here to see which one will work best for your dog, as they’re available in a variety of options. They’re also available on Amazon and at your local Petco.