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Cavalier Maverick Review: This Speaker Is Built Like A Luxury Good & Worth Every Penny

It’s no secret that I like the finer things, especially when it comes down to product design. Of all the tech products I’ve gotten to review, the Cavalier Maverick really stands out the most in regards to appearance.

Oh, I’m completely judging this book by the cover, and it’s royally exciting the designer in me. This portable speaker doesn’t come across like a tech product at all; it’s honestly built like a luxury good! Just take a look at the photos. It comes in two version: Black and Indigo (which is the one I reviewed). The gorgeous cognac brown leather exterior is complimented by the Indigo knit fabric on the side panels. Can you say sleek?

With 9 hours of battery life, you can listen all day to your favorite music without issue, and I did find that it lasted that long after consistent use. When you do need to charge up, you can use the charging dock base or plug the charging cable into the back of the speaker.

Set up is easy: just download the Cavalier app to your phone. If you want to use Alexa, you need to make sure you have the app for that downloaded as well. You can also connect the Cavalier Maverick to your WiFi so you can use the Alexa voice commands, and you can connect it to Bluetooth to use it as a speaker along with your iPad or your phone.

The top button of the Cavalier Maverick is a Capacitive Touch Smart Button. It works as well as you could possibly hope for! Simply tap it once to pause or play your music, tap twice to skip to the next song, and tap three times to repeat the song. If you want to use the built-in Amazon Alexa, just press and hold the smart button. Simple and convenient.

So, how does it sound? From Drake to Taking Back Sunday, and everything in between, the Cavalier Maverick makes everything sound incredible. This speaker really is worth every penny, and I love that it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you go!

You can get the Cavalier Maverick for yourself here.

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