Science Says: A Warm Cup Of Coffee Could Be Exactly What You Need To Get A Raise

Getting a raise is always a good thing, and science says that a warm cup of coffee could be exactly what you need to get one!

Researchers John Bargh, Joshua Ackerman, and Christopher Nocera at Yale recently released a study in which they performed a bunch of different experiments in which they were able to prove that there is a direct correlation between certain objects that you touch and someone’s perception of you.

In this study, there is evidence that suggest a warm cup of coffee could be your way to the top. Particularly, if you give someone a warm cup of coffee.

People who participated in their study were given different cups of coffee. Each cup contained either hot coffee or iced coffee. A research assistant casually asked every participant to hold onto their cup of coffee while they took note of everyone’s name and information, and nobody told them that the cups were even part of the experiment that was going on.

While the experiment was ongoing, everyone who was participating was required to rate the personality of the a made up person, called “Person A”, whom they did not know. Those who held cups of iced coffee were more likely to rate the made up person as selfish, less generous, and anti-social, shockingly enough. Those holding cups of hot coffee thought that person was more sociable and generous.

Lawrence Williams, one of the co-authors of this study, said in at interview with Science Magazine Podcast:

“What we found is that people are very sensitive to their physical environments, and they’re very sensitive to warmth information. And, this paper demonstrates that there’s a pretty close association between physical warmth and interpersonal psychological warmth, such that incidentally holding something that’s warm or cold to the touch can influence how you feel about other people. It can also influence the type of choices you make, as far as other people are concerned.”

An object that is warm to the touch can interestingly enough influence someone into feeling warmly towards you emotionally. Conversely, an object that is cold to the touch can influence someone into feeling coldly towards you emotionally.

Next time you’re looking for a raise, ask your boss out to get hot coffee!

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