Stable Choices: Chip Chick Picks The Best Camera Security System To Protect Your Horses & Everything You Need To Know Before You Make A Purchase

If you own horses, you should own a camera and security system too. Why is this a good decision for equestrians? Approximately 40,000 horses are stolen every single year, to say nothing of how much tack gets stolen on top of that.

Besides protecting your horses from theft, it’s a good idea to get a camera system to be able to monitor your herd in case any of them are injured, sick, or pregnant.

The convenience of being able to check your barn from your laptop or smartphone is a modern luxury you should absolutely take advantage of.

It’s worth the money and your peace of mind and here’s how you can pick the best one for you.

The Basics

It’s ideal to purchase cameras that are weather-resistant and waterproof if you’re going to be using them around the barn. Even if you only plan on using them inside your barn, it’s worth it to make sure you won’t encounter any problems related to water and weather!

Additionally, make sure you get cameras that have night vision so your cameras can provide clear monitoring even in the dark. It won’t do you any good if you can only see what’s going on during daylight hours.

Speaking of being able to see, make sure you invest in HD cameras so the footage is high quality and complete with all the details you could possibly need to see.

The Options

You can go WiFi, go with wired, go with batteries, or even go with solar options for your camera systems. Personally, I think your best bet is either WiFi or batteries. If you don’t have a great WiFi network, then opt for batteries.

There are cameras that come with rechargeable batteries, or cameras that only go on when tripped by motion so you won’t have to worry about the drain or running out of juice quickly.

Chip Chick Picks

Arlo Pro is my personal favorite and go to for all my security needs, and my barn is no exception.

Arlo Pro cameras hold up great to all the elements, have super crisp and high def footage, are equipped with an alarm, come with rechargeable batteries, will back up your footage on up to 5 cameras for 7 days, and even come with audio, night vision, and super sensitive motion detection.

It just doesn’t get any better than this and I cannot say enough great things about this company and their products.

It’s also not difficult to install, hits all the angles you could want, and is easily accessible from your phone or tablet.