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The Chicest Dogs To Follow On Instagram To Brighten Your Day

If you’re not following these insta-famous pooches already, we suggest you do it soon…like right now. Trust us, you won’t regret it. These pups, live a chicer life than some people!

Samson The Dood (@samsonthedood)

Samson is a Golden Doodle living his best life in Brooklyn. He is also referred to as the top dog in NYC. Whatever he is doing, or wearing, other dogs are sure to follow. He can be seen at every important canine event in Manhattan.

Sometimes that means attending a pool party, or hanging around local bars. If he’s not out on the town, he’s likely hanging out in his iconic robe.

Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog)

Marnie is a sophisticated lady. Even though she’s 17 – that doesn’t stop her from having a good time. Apparently she hates being alone, and likes parties…sounds like my kind of girl.

Oh, and she has 2.1 million Instagram followers.

Ella Bean (ellabeanthedog)

Much like us here at Chip Chick, Ella Bean is a typical NYC girl who loves fashion and enjoys spending her summers in Europe.

She can be seen sporting her custom aviators around town, and is constantly posting about her summer in Europe…who can blame her?

Norbert (@norbertthedog)

Norbert makes us feel like we need to do more in regards to volunteering. This West Coast pooch spends most of his time as a therapy dog.

He can be spotted frequently at the Children’s Hospital LA making his rounds.

Agador (@poochofnyc)

Let’s get right to the point here – Agador’s hair is better than any person’s, or animal’s, we’ve ever seen. His aesthetic is amazing, whether he’s in bed, getting a blow out, or having wine – I feel like I totally relate to him.

Major (@major_the_waterdog)

If you’re a lover of beach vacations, and working out – then this pooch is what you’re looking for. Major is the most active pooch you’ll meet.

Whether he’s at his beach house, jumping into the pool, swimming in the lake, or running 100 yard dash – his life is basically that of a professional athlete.

Perry (@perry.the.pom)

Perry is a self proclaimed dog model. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. The camera loves him.

Cloe & Jack (@morkiesinthecity)

What’s better than one dog? Two! This power duo has Manhattan wrapped around their paws.

Between their matching outfits, or vacations to the beach, you’re sure to fall in love with them.

Sprout (@brussels.sprout)

I like to think that my “I can’t with you right now” face has really come a long way over the years. However, I think that Sprout has me beat. Seriously.

I bet his significant other doesn’t even have to say “you look annoyed” – he can just tell by Sprout’s face.

Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Sometimes, I think I relate to Doug more than most people I see on a daily basis. We love the same things, like coffee and social media attention. He’s also totally adorable.