Girls Hide In The Bathroom As Their Mom & Sister Are Killed In Cold Blood

Your house is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place of peace, a place where you feel safe. For these three girls and sisters, their house became a home to a nightmare.

They hid in their bathroom as their Mom and sister were murdered in cold blood, and the details of this story will completely horrify you.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely sickening

Facebook; 21-year-old Andrea Heiser is pictured above with her 3 sisters and mom

21-year-old Andrea Heiser had three sisters and a loving Mom.

The family lived together in Springfield, Ohio.

Facebook; Andrea is pictured in the black and white photo above with her three blonde sisters

Andra’s mom, 49-year-old Jennifer Sirons, had divorced her father Randy Heiser

She then went on to marry 56-year-old Eric Sirons.

Eric became the stepfather to Andrea and her three sisters.

The Sirons and Heiser girls seemed like a perfect, All-American family who had it all.

Eric Sirons worked as theChamber of Greater Springfield’s membership director.

Facebook; Andrea poses with two of her sisters in the above photo

Jennifer Sirons worked as the chief financial officer for Clark County’s Juvenile Court.

Andrea was a wonderful young woman.

Andrea Heiser was attending Wright State University and studying statistics. She was the oldest of all of Jennifer’s daughters.

Facebook; Andrea, her mom Jennifer, and her three sisters are pictured above while on vacation together

Andrea’s father, Randy, told Fox45 “Man, what a great kid.”

He went on to say Andrea was “Outgoing, loved everybody.”

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