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iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker Review: A Stylish Way To Sip Your Favorite Drink & Listen To Drake At The Same Time

I’m a big fan of absolutely anything iHome makes, so let me just fill you in if you aren’t familiar with them. This company truly knows how to turn out consistently amazing and high quality tech products, and I would know because I spend an inordinate amount of my time bringing you honest reviews and making sure everything I put my hands on is something I would personally buy for myself, my friends, and my family members. Otherwise, it’s not making it to Chip Chick.

From headphones to vanity mirrors to bluetooth speakers, iHome just hits the mark across the board, and that’s pretty hard to do in consumer electronics. Actually, I take that back. It’s pretty hard to develop high quality products across categories in any industry, from tech to fashion and everything in between (trust me, design and manufacturing is my entire background prior to entering ad tech and it’s something I’m still heavily involved in for my own personal company).

I can’t say I was surprised that I fell in love with the iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker they sent me to review, given my high opinion of this company and their products. Trust me, you’re going to too, and here’s why.

My first impression of the iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker? Look at the color. I love this shade of pink that they call Blush, and it’s so upbeat and fun. Don’t worry if you’re not a pink fan, as it comes in an eye-catching Seafoam, Merlot, or Black, if you’re into that.

Insulated bottles that can keep your favorite drink hot or cold are my latest obsession over here, and I’ve gotten all my people hooked on insulated bottles too, including my husband. My phone and an insulated bottle are the only things I don’t leave home without now. The iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker can keep your preferred beverage hot or cold, from coffee to tea to iced to to seltzer…whatever your drink of choice is.

iHome says it can go approximately 24 hours cold and 14 hours hot, and you bet I tested that out with all of my aforementioned beverage picks. iHome is spot on with their time estimations.

I left my Aquio in my tack trunk at the barn overnight with hot coffee in there and it was still warm when I opened that bad boy back up. It gets pretty darn cold in the barn during winter in New York, so it’s impressive that even in colder elements your drink can still stay warm.

As for staying cold, I left my Aquio full of iced tea on my kitchen counter for 2 days and it was still cold. It will be interesting to see how it fares in the summer, but I’m sure it will work great even in the sun.

Additionally, it’s BPA free, can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite drink, fits in most cup holders (it fits in my car, tested that) and it’s double wall insulated, so that’s why you get a lot of time with keeping things hot or cold.

Another thing I like about the design on the iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker is the loop at the top of the bottle, pictured above. That little piece of genius makes it so much easier to carry this around with you, and you could even clip it to a bag. It also says “hydrate your soul” at the top, which is a cute touch.

Let’s get to the next exciting feature: the bluetooth speaker at the bottom. You can use the bottle separately from the speaker and they easily come apart from one another. The speaker itself is sandproof for all you beach lovers, and it’s also waterproof so you don’t need to be concerned about ruining it.

Technically with the iP67 rating, this speaker could be underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of about a meter, or three feet. Pretty neat!

Set up is super simple and this speaker is easy to connect to your phone. You can also answer calls on it too if you choose. The speaker lasts for playing up to 6 hours of your favorite Drake songs without having to charge it again, and that’s plenty of time to have fun in the sun.

The bottom line is the iHome Aquio Bottle & Speaker is a great pick for the pool, the beach, hiking, your home gym….really anywhere you want to go, this baby should come with you so you can sip your favorite drink and enjoy your artists of choice at the same time.

You can get one for yourself here.

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