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Polaroid Mint Review: This 2-In-1 Camera & Printer Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Accessory For A Night Out

I’ve loved Polaroid ever since I was a little kid. Back in the 90s before we had smartphones and selfies, a Polaroid camera was the ultimate level of fun you could have. Polaroid, paired with my mom, inspired my initial love of photography, and this was before I was old enough to know about F-stops.

My Polaroid camera was one of the very first pieces of technology I really got my hands on and decided I couldn’t live without.

I spent hours every week taking endless photos of my dogs and horses and sisters, and my mom graciously bought me as many instant film packs as my little heart desired. Mom, I know you’re reading this because you read everything I post on Chip Chick, so thank you for that.

Fast forward like twenty something years, I still have that mountain of photos I took, I still have so much love for Polaroid, and my inner child is endlessly excited to get to review the new Polaroid Mint. This 2-in-1 camera and printer is going to be your new favorite accessory for a night out, and here’s why.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but one you can print out on the spot, to me, is worth a thousand more. Now, a camera you can throw right in your bag for an evening out with your friends? That’s worth its weight in gold. Technology changes in the blink of an eye, things quickly become obsolete, but the style and fun that Polaroid brings is eternal, trust me, and the Polaroid Mint is no exception.

The first thing I truly loved when I pulled my Polaroid Mint out of the box is the size. It is so highly portable being that it’s not much bigger than my iPhone X, but it packs quite a punch in a small package.

With a lithium-ion battery that’s built right in, you can take this with you on the go without having to worry. Fully charged, you can take about 40 photos with it. The Polaroid Mint also comes equipped with a little selfie mirror to help you take the right shot, a selfie timer, automatic LED flash, and a MicroSDTM card slot so you can save digital copies of all the photos you take. You can also choose add the iconic Polaroid border to your photos as well.

Polaroid has also developed some pretty neat tech called ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology. This inkless printing technology is environmentally friendly, super high-quality, and mess-free. All the photos you take with your Polaroid Mint are water-resistant, tear-resistant, resistant to smudges, and if that’s not cool enough….there’s a peel-off sticky back on all of them so you basically have instant stickers.

What made Polaroid so great in the first place, that instant photo, still makes them so great so many years later. The ability to hold a picture that you just took with the Polaroid Mint in your hands, that tangible and immediate creation means even more to me now in a world so steeped in the digital era, where one rarely stops to print out a photo they take anymore. And Polaroid? Thanks so much for sending this to me. It really brought back a wealth of amazing memories.

You can get one for yourself here.

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