This Teen Mom Ran Her Baby Over With A Car & This Teen Mom Lied That Her Baby Was Kidnapped, Then Put Her Dead Body In A Diaper Box

Raising a child is definitely the most stressful job you can have, and one of the most important jobs as well. It’s not easy being responsible for another person’s life, and being a parent requires you to be just that- responsible.

Teen moms do have a lot on their plate to manage and can find it hard to raise a child when they really still are one themselves.

Some of the recent reality TV shows help shed light on a few of the difficulties teen moms face, and I couldn’t imagine parenting a child while still managing to grow up myself.

Pictured above are the feet of an infant; not much older than the children in these stories

Being a teen mom is certainly no cake walk, but that doesn’t give these teen moms an excuse.

You won’t be able to handle what these teen moms did to their poor little babies.

Facebook; pictured above is teen mom Sarah Gomez

Sarah Marie Gomez is a 19-year-old Mom from Ontario, California.

She has a 21-year-old boyfriend who is also the father of her 7-month-old daughter.

While we don’t know the name of her little daughter, we know one thing.

And that’s the disturbing details of what Sarah did to her.

What Sarah did to her daughter will horrify you.

Facebook; Sarah’s adorable daughter is pictured in the above photo

This is Sarah’s daughter.

Sarah’s Mom posted photos of her to her Facebook account.

It has since been taken down.

ABC7; pictured above is Sarah’s house after the tragedy, covered in police tape

At 11:40pm on a Monday night, officers received a call.

They responded to an altercation on West D Street’s 500 block.

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