26 Engagement Rings Perfect for Your Geeky Happily Ever After

Well guys and girls, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means some of you are going to go run off to some jewelry outlet in the hopes of finding something that will placate your partner this year.

You might even be thinking of proposing! That sure is exciting, and I’m sure all the pretty diamonds at Zales or whatever are very nice.

But, if we might interject, there’s a better way to do your jewelry shopping this year. Does a cold, lifeless hunk of precious metals and gems really embody love?

Of course not. A cold, lifeless hunk of precious metals and gems that looks like it was bilked from a droid at Mos Eisley?

That’s a proposal we can say yes to. There’s a ton of rings for geeks out there, and it turns out we’ve gotten way past the plastic rings you bought for five tickets at the arcade.

These geeky rings are decked out with all the shiny stuff, and really are worthy of an engagement.

The Boba Fett


An apt metaphor for marriage. Available in two styles!

The Superman


Kryptonite not included.

The Green Lantern


Unfortunately, I don’t see how this ring can be anything but disappointing compared to source the material.

The Knight Rider


Somewhere in ’80s television Valhalla, the Hoff is beaming.

The R2-D2


Hey, if you want to show that you’re going to be there for your partner through thick and thin, I don’t know who else you’d want your ring molded after.

The Green Hornet


As advertised, if you squint it can totally pass for the Phantom of the Opera mask.

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