26 Engagement Rings Perfect for Your Geeky Happily Ever After

Well guys and girls, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means some of you are going to go run off to some jewelry outlet in the hopes of finding something that will placate your partner this year.

You might even be thinking of proposing! That sure is exciting, and I’m sure all the pretty diamonds at Zales or whatever are very nice.

But, if we might interject, there’s a better way to do your jewelry shopping this year. Does a cold, lifeless hunk of precious metals and gems really embody love?

Of course not. A cold, lifeless hunk of precious metals and gems that looks like it was bilked from a droid at Mos Eisley?

That’s a proposal we can say yes to. There’s a ton of rings for geeks out there, and it turns out we’ve gotten way past the plastic rings you bought for five tickets at the arcade.

These geeky rings are decked out with all the shiny stuff, and really are worthy of an engagement.

The Boba Fett


An apt metaphor for marriage. Available in two styles!

The Superman


Kryptonite not included.

The Green Lantern


Unfortunately, I don’t see how this ring can be anything but disappointing compared to source the material.

The Knight Rider


Somewhere in ’80s television Valhalla, the Hoff is beaming.

The R2-D2


Hey, if you want to show that you’re going to be there for your partner through thick and thin, I don’t know who else you’d want your ring molded after.

The Green Hornet


As advertised, if you squint it can totally pass for the Phantom of the Opera mask.

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  1. Hate to be that person, but the “Horcrux” ring is actually the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, so you wouldn’t in fact be giving your beloved a piece of your soul. However, you are making them master of death, so ya win some, ya lose some.

  2. So you’re CAPABLE of putting at least three images a slide, but you choose not to. I get it. You want to get more clicks and more people seeing ads, but two pictures per page is ridiculous. I won’t be visiting this site again. :p

  3. It wasn’t. It was in the snitch that Harry caught in the first Quiditch game. It was never a horcrux.

  4. umm idc how much you like comic books or fan fiction, you can go out and buy your significant other a proper ring and not some tacky piece of metal that literally anyone on etsy can make.. i seriously hope the person you propose to with this trash rejects you in a heartbeat this is redic.. and plz don’t come at me with the “oh you don’t get the love for comics and such” my wall is plastered with anime posters and i have a huge collection of comics so bye.

  5. Yes it was a horcrux. It’s the stone from the Gaunt ring that cursed Dumbledore. Tom Riddle never knew what it really was ( not that he’d have a reason to use it anyways) Dumbledore took the stone out of its setting and put it in the snitch for Harry. But I agree that this engagement ring should not be called a horcrux as only one of the three hallows was ever one.

  6. ^ you couldn’t be MORE wrong
    its a Deathly Hallow NOT a HORCRUX
    go back and read/watch the movies

  7. Hun, all depends on the relationship. If my boyfriend proposed to me with one of these it would be the best engagement ring ever. It depends on both parties and what your relationship is built on. I don’t care that your wall is plastered but I am sorry that you never had and probably never will have this type of relationship. So bye.

  8. Can someone give me a link to page 2 plz
    I keep clicking “next” but end up on the same page every time…

  9. If my boyfriend came at me with a freaking R2D2 I would probably freak the hell out and start crying way harder than with some tacky “proper” ring. Not every girl wants a bunch of “proper” bull shit that you could buy at ANY jewelry store ANYWHERE on the freaking planet. But that’s none of my damn business ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. The title of this article should say “Engagement Rings for the Geek in You.” I don’t like any of this crap. These all stuck. The only one I kind of liked was the Pokemon ring, which also resembled a butthole.

  11. Have to say these are definitely some really creative engagement rings. My brother is going to propose to his girlfriend very soon and these ideas are totally like them. He has a custom jeweler, Galicia Fine Jewelers, where he lives in Scottsdale, AZ he is going to work with design of his ring. I going to share this post with him and see if these ideas can help them. It would be pretty cool if they used one of these ideas. Thanks so much for posting them.

  12. If she loves you she will wear it proudly!!!

    You really really shouldn’t follow my advice….. ๐Ÿ˜‰