Mom Gives Her 8-Month-Old Baby Vodka & Then He Dies, Mom Killed While Walking Her Baby & Now He’s Fighting For His Life, Baby Suffers 28 Fractured Bones In Disgusting Abuse Case

You would think that every mom who has a child knows the basics. What you can do for a baby, and also what you should just never do or give them.

When it comes to some of those key things, a lot of them are just common sense, right? If it’s not, at least you expect a mom to educate herself.

Well, sadly not every mom gets it. Not every mom is really prepared to be a mom and do what it takes.

CEN; pictured above is adorable 8-month-old baby Zakhar sleeping

Also, tragically not every mom does what is best for their child even though they should and it results in injury or even death to the child. 

One young mom in Russia horrifyingly gave her 8-month-old baby Vodka, and then he died.

CEN; pictured above is Russian mom Nadezhda

Yes, you read that right, and please prepare yourself before reading further because you’re going to be infuriated by this story.

Nadezhda Yarych lives in the western part of Russia in a region known as Belgorod Oblast.

She lived in the town of Shebekino with her 8-month-old son, named Zakhar.

This Russian mom is married to her husband, Mikhail Yarych.

Mikhail is not related to Zakhar and is also not his biological father. He is the baby’s step-father.

CEN; pictured above is adorable 8-month-old baby Zakhar in Russia, who died due to his mom’s negligence

Over the holiday season, Nadezhda wanted to go out and party with her friends. 

So, she gave her infant son vodka, so she could force him to sleep and then she could go out.

I have no idea what kind of a mother gives her infant child alcohol, let alone a mom who tries to essentially drug her child into nap time.

CEN; pictured above is Russian mom Nadezhda, who prefers partying to caring for her child

Her reasoning to authorities was that she didn’t want her son to bother her while she was partying. According to sources close to the mom, she frequently gave her son Vodka to make him go to sleep; this was not a one-off occurrence.

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