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People Are Shaving Their Cats Into Tiny Dinosaurs & You Need To See These Instagram Photos

There’s a new trend floating around on social media and it’s one where people are shaving down their cats into tiny dinosaurs. It’s weird, it’s amazing, and it’s going to probably make you laugh out loud as you spit out your morning coffee.

How did this all even become a thing? A groomer over in Thailand posted a YouTube video of their dinosaur shaving handiwork and the internet decided this was going to be a thing. If you head on over to Instagram and look up the hashtag #DinoCut, you can see all the tiny dinosaur cats in all their glory.

Instagram @groomingby_haley

Dino cut for tommy the kitty! #grooming #petgrooming #cats#catgrooming #dinocut

Instagram @kiwis_catcrew

Mom turned me into a ‘tara’nnosaurus a few weeks ago. So I’m spending this #selfiesunday reflecting on how cute I am now 😻-Tara #cats #cat#dinocat

There are also people shaving their cats to look like dragons, and that’s pretty Game of Thrones of them. Dinosaurs…dragons…whatever they’re pretty similar at this rate.

Instagram @st.fatty.lambhands

I post more pictures of Science Cat than of my own. Here he is on Haircut Day! (He loves me 😀) #catsofinstagram #dragoncat

Instagram @andres.asenjo.7

Some people are wildly upset by this new trend, and some people are arguing that it’s beneficial if you have a cat that is prone to matting. The only downside I can really see to this is that a cat’s fur is used to help them regulate their body temperatures. This is obviously pretty hard to do if they’re kind of naked, so it’s probably not a good idea if you have an outdoor cat or if you don’t keep the temperature in your home comfortable for them.

What do you think….would you shave your cat into a small dinosaur? I think mine would be straight up upset if I decided to gift them with this new trend!

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