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Even H3 Wireless Headphones Review: Featuring Some Amazing Tech That Even Adapts To Your Own Ears

I get to review a lot of headphones here at Chip Chick, and they’re forever one of my favorite pieces of tech.

I love being able to immerse myself in a world of sound, especially while logging miles on the treadmill in the morning so I can focus on anything but the fact that I hate running, or while flying internationally with shrieking children in the back of the plane so I can completely forget they even exist.

It’s not going out on a limb to say that pretty much all headphone makers aim to give you the best quality sound possible, in order to make it feel like your favorite music maker is literally right in front of you.

Did you ever stop to consider though that we all hear differently? Our hearing is comparable to our eyesight, in that one size does not fit all and much like our eyes, our ears undergo changes as we continue to age.

Enter Even. Even is a startup that is changing the way we hear, and their headphones have been developed to be “Glasses for your ears®”. Even’s new H3 Wireless Headphones literally give you a hearing test, reminiscent of the ones you used to have to take at the school nurse as a kid.

Even’s EarPrint Technology and EarPrint Companion App make it possible to customize your hearing experience with the H3 Headphones. EarPrint Technology adapts all the sound you hear through their headphones to how you uniquely hear, and the EarPrint Companion App makes it easy for your to visualize exactly how you hear all the different frequencies. You can even manage several different EarPrints.

If you’re a female millennial like me and you have pretty excellent hearing, you still can 100% appreciate this amazing tech behind Even and the high level of customization. It is really neat to have headphones that adapt to your own ears because there is nothing else like this on the market, at least that I have seen. The whole concept and tech truly is exciting.

These headphones are very comfortable to wear and feature super soft faux leather. Although they don’t have noise-canceling, you won’t even care because they fit so well and sound so great it won’t even matter what’s going on around you. You won’t hear it.

Even’s H3 Headphones also come with Bluetooth, and an impressive battery life of 20 hours, so all you girls on the go can rest easy with not having to constantly recharge these babies. That’s a huge plus!

They feature a stylish and sleek design and you can choose from either Matte Black or Real Walnut. They also are sturdy, yet easily fold right up, and come with a neat carrying case you can pack them up and put them right in your bag.

You can get a pair for yourself here!

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