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How To Stay Hyper Focused As An Entrepreneur So You Can Reach Every Goal That’s Really Important To You

Alright, this topic is pretty close to my heart, as this is something I have struggled with for nearly three years. Ever since I launched my first company, I found it pretty overwhelming to get everything I had to get done on a daily basis while also trying to stay hyper focused on the important things.

If you can’t stay focused, you can’t really move your company forward. My problem was I spent a lot of time on a lot of things I thought were important, but they turned out not really being such a great way to spend my precious time in the long run. It’s really hard when you have so many ideas, but if you can harness your focus, you can increase your productivity and drive your success.

Here’s how you can stay hyper focused as an entrepreneur so you can reach every goal that’s really important to you!

Get Your Priorities Straight

Every Sunday night, I get out a glass of wine and my planner, and I write down all my priorities for the upcoming week. Make sure you rank what you need to do and focus on what is on the top of your list before you move on.

The reality is you are always going to have a whole list of things to get done and every week you’re going to have to carry things over. By getting your priorities straight, you can at least accomplish your most important things for the week!

It’s All In The Timing

Literally, your focus is all in the timing. Specifically, setting aside the time you need to just sit down and get things done. I know this can be tough, so set yourself a timer for a specific amount of time where all you do is work on what you need to get done. Make sure you put your phone away, close out of your emails, and put away anything else that can possibly distract you or take time away from what you need to achieve.

Work On One Thing At A Time

This might seem obvious, but it’s pretty hard to actually practice working on one thing at a time before moving on! It’s easier to break your most important project down into a few steps and go about completing one step at a time.

Start An Idea File

I have a whole Google sheet devoted to all my new ideas on how to drive my businesses forward. When I have a great idea, I put it right in the sheet, and then close it out. Once a month, I will set an hour or two aside to go back in my idea file to see what I can use in there to focus in on for the next month.

Before I made an idea file, I would waste a lot of time coming up with ideas, chasing ideas or inspiration, and then writing them down in a bunch of different places so then I would need to waste more time tracking down where I had put them!

Breaks Are Good For You

Actually, breaks are the best thing you can do for yourself if you’re feeling really stressed or like you’re at a point in your week where you just aren’t really getting anywhere. It happens to the best of us! The best way to remedy the situation and reset is to just take a break.

Don’t feel guilty about it. Burn out is real and stepping away from your computer and staying offline (which is distracting, not refreshing) is a great way to clear your mind. Personally, when I’m feeling stuck or anxious I take my dogs for a walk and it really does help me reach the level of clarity I need to.

Bre is a female millennial go getter residing in New York. One part entrepreneur, one part geek, she obtained her degree in Textile/Surface Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

She has held some exciting roles in both fashion as a designer working for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel, as well as in ad tech working for publishers like Ziff Davis.

Today she operates her own luxury label Bre Avery, along with Chip Chick Media which reaches millions of women each month.

Bre is passionate about teaching women how to build a business and be an entrepreneur, in addition to keeping her readers informed of the latest technology trends and exciting products to improve their lifestyles.

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