The Very First 3D Printed Heart Is Here & It Was Created Using A Patient’s Own Cells

3D printing is absolutely fascinating. It’s an intriguing process in which a computer controls the joining together of certain materials one layer at a time in order to end up with a three-dimensional piece in the end.

We already know that human organs such as lungs and kidneys have been created using 3D printing technology, but now there’s a whole new vital organ that has been printed…and that’s a human heart.

The very first 3D printed heart was just created in Tel Aviv, and it was created using a patient’s very own cells; comprised of collagen, vessels, and other biological molecules. The idea is that by using a patient’s cells, it will decrease the chances of the heart being rejected by their body after it is implanted.

The leading scientists behind this breakthrough are Doctor Assaf Shapira, Professor Tal Dvir, Doctor Assaf Shapira, and doctoral student Nadav Noo. The heart that they created is approximately the size of one found in a rabbit, and although it doesn’t quite work successfully yet, this is still one incredible development.

“We need to develop the printed heart further,” Professor Tal Dvir said to Haaretz. “The cells need to form a pumping ability; they can currently contract, but we need them to work together. Our hope is that we will succeed and prove our method’s efficacy and usefulness.”

Their next step is their research is to help the 3D printed heart to mature in the lab, and then somehow teach it to act like a heart and perform all the tasks our own hearts do for us every day.

The idea with 3D printing organs is that one day this might be a more viable solution than getting on an organ donation list, which can sadly be something that a person waits so long on that their time runs out. It would be completely amazing to see this technology be available in the near future and it certainly would have the potentially to save a ton of lives.

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