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These Are The Skills Big Tech Finds Most Attractive In Employees, Tech Self-Regulation Is About To Be Dead, MacKenzie Bezos Is Almost The Wealthiest Woman Alive & More Tech News You Need To Know Right Now

It’s hard to keep up with the key things happening in tech, but Chip Chick has the highlights!

It’s hard to wade through the news overload and keep up with the key things happening in tech, but Chip Chick has the highlights! Let’s jump right into what you need to know!

Tech Self-Regulation Is About To Be Dead

Well, it’s looking like tech’s self-regulation is about to be dead. Why? The U.K. just revealed that they are planning on allowing legislation that enables fines and suing tech execs for not putting an end to harmful or illegal content distributed on their respective platforms.

The European Union, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore either already have legislation like this in place, or they are considering enacting it.

These Are The Skills Big Tech Finds Most Attractive In Employees

It’s hardly a secret that people with computer science, business, and engineering backgrounds prove to be attractive hires to the top companies in the tech world. But what else are the big tech companies looking for in employees?

According to LinkedIn Talent Insights, big tech is on the hunt for people with backgrounds in economics and health care skills like health care management, HIPAA, health IT, general health care, and hospitals.

Big tech is starting to get into healthcare in a big way. Just take a look at Amazon. They bought PillPack for $1 billion dollars (Walmart was also trying to buy them), and they recently hired a slew of PhD economists to look into things such as data around Amazon purchases in order to measure inflation.

MacKenzie Bezos Is Almost The Wealthiest Woman Alive

Since divorcing Jeff, she’s almost there. MacKenzie Bezos is now officially the third wealthiest woman alive. MacKenzie walked away from their marriage with approximately $35 billion dollars in assets. Just wow.

Who beat MacKenzie out for the top two spots as wealthiest and second wealthiest woman alive? Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, whose family owns L’Oreal is the world’s wealthiest woman right now, followed by Alice Walton, whose family owns Walmart, is the world’s second wealthiest.

Alexa Can Now Make Appointments For You

Amazon just released a new set of Alexa skills to help you out in healthcare, and in a HIPAA compliant way. Right now these skills are only available on an invite only basis, but hopefully they will be officially rolling out soon. I am so here for Alexa doing more for us in healthcare.

These six new skills include helping you make doctor appointments and even checking up on your health status such as pulling up your blood glucose readings.

Alexa skills are also becoming a focus for major health care players such as Cigna and Express Scripts, who are working to build out their own Alexa skill sets.

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