Why You Absolutely Need To Hire A Knockout Lawyer Before You Launch Your Brand New Business

As much as you might like to think you can do it all on your own, you can’t babe. I don’t understand why so many entrepreneurs are mistrustful of hiring a lawyer, but you need to get over that. Don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt; you’re completely a target the moment anyone perceives you to be successful in the least.

Lawyers are about to be your new best friends, and you need to simply look at legal fees as a cost of doing business. The reality is you need to protect your brand new business, and yourself, so you absolutely need to hire a knockout lawyer.

I hear a lot of entrepreneurs complain that lawyers are expensive, but I’m sorry it’s going to be way more expensive if you get yourself into legal trouble and haven’t done anything preventative, to say nothing of the fact that you could lose your business.

How Do You Find A Knockout Lawyer?

Ask around to see who your friends, family members, and acquaintances recommend or use. Join local entrepreneur groups online and ask around that way. Use the internet to your advantage and read every review you can find on lawyers that are recommended to you.

Sometimes, the first lawyer you go with just doesn’t work for you and that’s ok. It’s honestly like dating. The first few people might not be so great and might not work out, but keep looking. You can and will find the right lawyer, but be prepared that it might take a bit of leg work first. Don’t be afraid to look for another lawyer if the one you have doesn’t work for you or doesn’t do a good job.

Another thing? I personally prefer to litigators. Litigators help their clients through prosecuting on their behalf or defending them and I think having that knowledge of how these things works goes an extra long way. It’s important to be set up for a situation where someone has the experience to defend you or go after people for you.

Ok, So What Things Can A Lawyer Do For You As A Female Entrepreneur That You Shouldn’t Just Do Yourself?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what things a lawyer can do for you that you shouldn’t just go do on your own: contracts. Oh. My. Goodness. If you are not a lawyer, newsflash you should not be creating or signing any contract without legal advice first. It is scary the things entrepreneurs have gotten themselves into by just deciding to wing this.

Take it from me, I am really savvy when it comes to creating and understanding contracts, but I still don’t ever do any of this without my lawyer, because only a lawyer can truly understand what you need to have in there or not have in there in order to fully protect yourself. Not to mention, going about this the right way will save you so much money, time, and headaches in the end.

Another great way you can leverage your lawyer is with anyone who owes you money who doesn’t want to pay you. This goes for partners, clients, vendors, etc. If someone owes you money and your lawyer reaches out to them on your behalf, you will be amazed at how motivating that is for people to cough up what they owe. And in the rare event that doesn’t work, your lawyer will know what kind of legal action you can pursue to get this taken care of.

Other benefits to having a lawyer on your team include ensuring you go about the right legal structure for your business, creating non-disclosure agreements, and helping you understand laws that are pertinent to how you operate your business.

The bottom line is it is better to have a lawyer already on your team and aware of your business dealings so you can protect yourself and your assets to the maximum level.

Bre is a female millennial go getter residing in New York. One part entrepreneur, one part geek, she obtained her degree in Textile/Surface Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

She has held some exciting roles in both fashion as a designer working for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel, as well as in ad tech working for publishers like Ziff Davis.

Today she operates her own luxury label Bre Avery, along with Chip Chick Media which reaches millions of women each month.

Bre is passionate about teaching women how to build a business and be an entrepreneur, in addition to keeping her readers informed of the latest technology trends and exciting products to improve their lifestyles.

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