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A Device Free Date Night Is Exactly What You Need & Here Are A Few Ideas For How To Enjoy Your Phone Free Time

You probably haven’t paid much mind to this, but if you’re on your phone at the dinner table constantly or if you come home from work and check out of your relationship by picking up one of your devices instead, it’s hurting you. And it’s hurting your most important relationship too.

It might not seem like a big deal at first, but all that time you spend on your phone, or social media, or online just adds up to getting in the way of having a healthy relationship with your significant other.

All your phone time cuts back on the actual face time you spend with your significant other, and it can definitely lead to feeling disconnected from one another and like things are just off.

It’s important to make time to put your phone down and make the man in your life the center of your attention! A device free date night is exactly what you need and here are a few ideas for how to enjoy your phone free time.

Check Out A New Restaurant

A fun night out on the town where you both can get dressed up for each other is always a good time. Check out a new restaurant! I know I constantly end up going to my favorite Mexican place because the Margaritas are killer, and then I don’t want to try new things.

People, this is not a drill, you need to actually leave your phone at home for this date night idea, so you don’t focus on anything but one another!

Get Cozy On The Couch

There’s something to be said for a night in where you get cozy on the couch and just order takeout! After a crazy week at work, this really is my favorite date night idea.

Make this date night phone free by both turning your phones completely off so you can’t get distracted and put them in a different room than the one you’re in!

Go For A Hike

Going for a hike is a perfect date idea because you’re in nature for some peace and quiet and time alone. It’s also great to get moving and do something together that’s more active!

If you head to the Hudson Valley, there are plenty of gorgeous places to check out and you can catch the beautiful leaves changing colors too.

Free yourself from your phone by leaving it in the car (and your SO’s too).

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