An Inside Look At The Net Worth Of The Jersey Shore Cast Members

Who would have thought that 8 “guidos” from Jersey, Staten Island, and various parts of New York would have become national stars. The show became a hit almost instantly, and after a brief hiatus the show came back better than ever.

It’s taken the cast to Italy for a season! Since the show’s start, almost 10 years ago, these “guidos” have each built their own empires.

Some made their millions through the show, and others have made it through tanning lotion!


Even though he was one of the show’s breakout stars, The Situation isn’t doing as well financial as we would think. While Jersey Shore aired he earned $150,000 per episode.

The show, also presented other opportunities to The Situation as well.


These opportunities include appearing on Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Big Brother, book deals, and a few side businesses like fitness DVDs, and a vitamin line.

While it would be obvious to think that The Situation, has a pretty high net-worth – it is quite the opposite.

He is estimated at $300,000, which is the lowest of all this cast-mates. The reason? He’s landed himself in some trouble with the law regarding tax evasion…


Deena, who really was hardly on the show, has held her own in the financial sector of the cast. In addition to making $40,000 per episode, she also has made money on sponsorships and appearances.


It’s been rumored that her price per episode, has gone up though since bringing more drama to the show. Still, her net-worth is $1 million.

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