Here’s How Women On Twitter Keep Themselves Safe While Out Running Alone

Amanda Deibert is best known for her award-winning work as a comic book and television writer. She has written for shows such as Breakthrough With Dr. Steve Perry and OWN Tonight. She also has written for live, sketch, and comedy shows on Hulu and Syfy.

She’s also becoming know for what she just posted on Twitter because it basically just went viral, with over 30,000 likes, 10,000 retweets, and over 1,000 comments.

Twitter; pictured above is Amanda

She said she belongs to a mom group on Facebook where someone started a discussion about what other women in the group take with them to keep themselves safe while out running alone.

So, she took to Twitter to share this and ask how other women on Twitter keep themselves safe.

Twitter; pictured above are Amanda’s tweets that sparked a huge online conversation

It’s absolutely sad to have to talk about this, but it’s a reality of being part of the world and it’s one very important conversation to have. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of true crime news, but I’m very uneasy to be alone and always find myself concerned when my friends or sisters do things by themselves.

I always went running with my mom’s Rottweiler, Fala, to keep myself safe, because nobody wants to even be on the same side of the street with you when your sidekick weighs 100 pounds and looks deceivingly aggressive. Since Fala passed a few years ago and my mom’s new girl isn’t much of a runner, I pretty much stick to routines in the gym.

You can never be too safe, and a lot of women have great ideas for self-defense.

Twitter; user @Hayjen9 shared this handy device

Twitter user Hayjen9 shared a photo of this interesting device. It’s basically a hot pink knife ring.

Twitter; user @royalhoeness shared this about her neighbor

Twitter user royalhoeness shared that her neighbor carries a freaking hammer with her on all her runs. That definitely doubles as a great arm workout.

Twitter; user @dcpeony shared this photo of another handy device

Twitter user dcpeony shared a photo of another handy device: a small, compact knife disguised as a key. Definitely easy to carry with you at all times.

Twitter; user @nataliesdilemma shared the above words of widsom

Twitter user nataliesdilemma shared that she runs with a car key in her hand. She also makes sure to keep her music turned down and take one earbud out so she can hear if anyone comes up behind her.

Twitter; user @bobbyblue5 shared how his son helps keep his mom safe on her runs

Twitter user bobbyblue5 shared that his son insists on going on his mom’s runs to keep her safe. They also take their dog. It’s always a good idea to have company if you head out on a run.

Twitter; user @EducatorsInvest shared her strategy for staying safe on her runs

Twitter user @EducatosInvest shared that she picks places that are safer to run. She also runs only during daylight hours. This is great advice, no matter if you live in the country or the city.

Twitter; pictured above is Twitter user @gwgator’s running companion

For Twitter user gwgator, she always takes her dog with her. I’m so a fan of this!

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