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How To Improve Sales Outreach At Your Company

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An effective strategy for sales outreach is critical to your company’s success. If you want to see it grow, year after year, you need to give thought to your current business model and methods for driving sales. Ask yourself: What am I doing at the moment to improve outreach, and what can I do better?

If you’re uncertain about this specific area of your business, that’s okay. You didn’t click on an article called “How to Improve Sales Outreach at Your Company” because your sales outreach is perfect. You want to learn more about the subject to increase sales and outpace your competition.

Unfortunately, you’re working in a globalized world with more competitors than ever. Potential customers have a broad spectrum of companies that can meet their needs, and each of these companies has their own approach to sales outreach. In short, you have to get creative.

So how do you level the playing field? What are the leading strategies for sales outreach? We’ll walk you through five of them, guiding you in the right direction so you can win customers and secure the future of your business.


1. Diversify Your Outreach

The standard strategies for sales outreach have earned their popularity. Emails are inexpensive and phone calls are effective if a capable salesperson is in charge. Even so, these strategies aren’t your only options for outreach, and a little diversification can set you apart from similar companies in your industry.

In addition to emails and phone calls, engage on social media, send video messages, mail physical postcards, and gifts in the same flow. Diversify your approach and your potential customer will recognize and appreciate the effort. When you hyper-personalize your strategy, you’ll close more deals and increase sales.

2. Personalize Your CTA

As you know, it’s customary to include a call-to-action at the end of sales emails to prompt engagement. The line, “I’d love to talk more about how my company can help you,” is particularly common. Though it’s a safe way to conclude an email and won’t offend a potential customer — it won’t keep their attention either.

In crafting your CTA, make sure it’s as specific as possible. “If you’d like to learn more about how my company can help, we can talk more about this over the phone. Are you available on either [date/time] or [date/time]?” It’s a more personal CTA which will instantly improve your sales emails.

3. Refine Your Communication

Research has shown that emails and phone calls are two of the most effective sales strategies. You’ve likely honed these methods of communication, but you may just find your current practices aren’t best practices. We’ll simplify the subject with an infographic that illustrates the main points to keep in mind.

4. Ask Customers for Feedback

Every company has room for improvement. Whether you’re a small business with ten employees or a multinational conglomerate, continuous improvement will keep you from losing your momentum. The best way to address your problem areas is by asking your existing customers for specific feedback.

They may have an interest in services you don’t currently offer, but can easily manage. Take note of their suggestions and implement them if possible. You’ll become more essential to their business, increasing your sales and strengthening your relationships without spending an enormous sum of money.

5. Expand Your Web Presence

On the subject of low-cost strategies for sales outreach, you should attempt to improve your web presence. That said, you need to take a subtle approach if you’re going to attract and retain customers. Advertisements have oversaturated the digital space, and anything remotely “salesy” is often ineffective.

You’ll circumvent that issue by engaging with customers through your social media accounts. Use sites like Facebook and Twitter to assist people in solving their problems, providing answers and helpful tips. In time, they’ll regard you as an expert in the industry, seeking you out for future inquiries.

Make the Necessary Changes Today

An effective strategy for sales outreach is critical to your company’s success. Now that you know the elements that comprise that strategy, you can put them into effect. When you diversify, personalize CTAs, refine your communication and follow the other suggestions on this list, you’ll increase sales and meet your goals.

With that in mind, review the strategies above and make the necessary changes today!