Nightmare Before Christmas: Mom Shoots Ex Husband’s Girlfriend In Front Of Her Toddler Twins As They Decorate The Tree

Chelsea and Travis Cook had divorced after a few years of marriage. Their divorce was final in January. Together, Chelsea and Travis had 3 year old twin boys. They lived in Utah.

They were doing their best to navigate the world of co-parenting as a divorced couple. Things seemed to be going well, but one day that all changed.

After the divorce, 28 year old Travis started dating Lisa Vilate Williams. She was 26 years old. Lisa’s family says that she loved to read. She also had a knack for nursing sick plants back to health.


Lisa moved to American Fork a few years prior in order to take care of her sister. She had been in the hospital with a lung problem that was threatening her life. She luckily recovered, but Lisa decided to stay after she did. She moved in with her two sisters.

The two were very happy together. Lisa was always slightly fearful of Chelsea. Soon after Lisa and Travis started dating, Chelsea began to cause problems in their relationship. Lisa was extremely fearful of Chelsea, but she never expected something as violent as it did to happen.

32 year old Chelsea orchestrated her own version of a nightmare before Christmas.

Skyridge High School

Lisa Williams was loved by everyone who ever encountered her. Friends describe her as having an extremely “loving and nurturing personality.” This is what made Travis so invested in her almost immediately.  She was completely different than Chelsea. She made Travis feel whole.

During the six months she was dating Travis, Lisa was working as a bank teller. One of her friends explained that during the entirety of her and Travis’ relationship – she was targeted by his ex-wife. Chelsea would arrive at the bank and cause scenes at Lisa’s place of work.


There was absolutely no reason for this. Chelsea went out of her way to make Lisa miserable. She did everything in her power to embarrass her at work no less. It didn’t stop there though.

Chelsea also bullied Lisa on Instagram. She would make threatening phone calls to Lisa constantly. The calls wouldn’t come from Chelsea’s cellphone though. Instead, she would use the phone at the high school where she worked.


Chelsea worked as a health teacher as Skyride High School. She apparently was engaging and students loved her. She had been there for the past four years.

The school claims they were completely unaware of this behavior. Had they known, she likely would have been fired. Although, there is some speculation about this.

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