Science Says: Are You Sitting At A Desk All Day Long? Well, Here’s How Much You Need To Exercise Every Day To Make Up For This

Alright, alright. We all already know that it’s really not good for you to be sitting at a desk all day long, but what’s a girl supposed to do? Especially if you’re trying to get ahead or build your own company, you’re definitely living at your desk.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase your risk of obesity, raise your blood pressure, pack on extra belly fat, and can increase your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yikes! Well, the good news is even if you can’t really control how long you’re sitting for every day, you can control how much you need to exercise on the daily to make up for this.

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers followed around 149,077 women and men over the course of nearly 9 years and their habits in regards to physical activity. Do you know what they discovered?

The women and men who sat for 6 or more hours every single day and who also got less than 150 minutes of exercise in a one week period were more likely to die of heart attacks. Ok, so chances are good you won’t be able to sit for significantly less than 6 hours every day of your work week, but did you see that part about the 150 minutes of weekly exercise?

That you have complete control over! Researchers also discovered in this study that  the women and men who participated in 150 to 200 minutes of exercise every week were able to mitigate their risks. So, it’s better for you to try to sit down a lot less during the week if you can, and keep yourself moving a lot more.

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